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THE NEWBY! Part Five - The Epilogue!


As Daffyd stood with his hands on Jack’s and Ianto’s shoulders, looking over Cardiff Bay, he said: “Look at this beauty … this is why we do it! Why tomorrow has to come!”

Suddenly, there was a fast padding sound over the wooden slatted floor. Daffyd was pushed into the railings. He turned … only to be confronted by a little being jumping up at him.

“Chi … it’s the Chi … oh I have missed you!”

Jack and Ianto turned round to see a Jack Russell jumping into Daffyd’s arms.

“Guys … this is my Chi … Chickadee… the love of my life!”

“Well not the only love of your life I hope!”

They turned to see a very tall, blond young woman walking towards them. Grabbing Daffyd, she passionately planted a kiss firmly on his lips.

“Sassy … my angel!”

“Well yes … she looks very sassy!” Jack purred.

Ianto cuffed him.

“No … well yes actually … boys … this is Saskia!”

“Sassy … this is Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones … say Hi to them!”

“Hi! I mean hello … very pleased to put faces … and you are right honey … very beautiful faces … to the names!”

“She knows about us?” gulped Jack.

“Of course she does … she knows everything!” laughed Daffyd. Jack and Ianto looked at each other in amazement.

“Jack … Ianto … this is what you need in your life … someone that means everything … someone you can go home to … someone who you would die for … you both need that … you both deserve that … and if you don’t get it by now … isn’t it about time you two told each other the truth? Boys … don’t lose another minute … make a future today! Did I say that? Wow … it has been a long night!”

Jack and Ianto stood staring at Daffyd. “Boys … guys … this is my … wife!”

“You know … marriage … commitment …”

Daffyd giggled as he leant in to kiss his wife. “Come on angel … I have plans! Big plans!”

“There you go … boasting again!” Sassy giggled.

“See you tomorrow guys!” Daffyd waved.

Jack and Ianto watched the pair as they walked off hugging Chi and giggling together.

“Wow …” said Jack … “who’d have thought…?”

“I know Sir …” Ianto winked!

“So … truth time?” Jack said as he pulled Ianto towards him.

“The truth is Ianto Jones … I have loved you since the moment I set eyes on you … and I cannot imagine living a day without you. I love you Jones, Ianto Jones!”

Ianto rolled his eyes at the reference to their first meeting but his heart was so full, he was ready to explode with happiness.  Hearing Jack tell him at last that he loved him was more than he ever expected - although deep inside, he felt sure that he could hear Jack whispering those three words to him ... but he must have been dreaming, mustn't he?

As he caressed Jack's face, gently rubbing his thumb over Jack's full - and in his opinion - beautiful lips, Ianto looked straight into those deep pools of sky blue and said:  “I love you too Captain Jack Harkness. I just … I couldn’t exist without you in my life!  You complete me ... when you aren't around I feel lost and vulnerable, but as soon as you are near, I know I can do anything because you make me strong and I love you so much for doing that.”

Jack grabbed Ianto’s face and gently slid his tongue over Ianto’s lips. As Ianto let Jack into his mouth, Jack’s heart raced and as he kissed Ianto harder than he had ever kissed him before; he suddenly knew what he had to do.

Breaking the kiss, Jack held Ianto’s face and tenderly planted a kiss on his forehead. “Ianto Jones … will you marry me?”

As tears streamed Ianto looked lovingly into Jack’s eyes … “Oh Yes … please … Oh I love you so much!”

“By the way … I think we should get a dog!”

“YESSSS … Captain Jack Mark Two!!”

“But NOT a poodle!”

“NOOOO …. Definitely a Jack Russell! I mean … what else?”


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