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THE NEWBY! Part Four





“Are you sure about this?”


“Jack … trust me … I know what I am doing!” Daffyd said.


“OK … we should split into two … Gwen you with me … Daffyd you with Martha and Andy.”


“Actually … I think we need to split up more than that … I think we will all have to go it alone … there are too many of them!”


“Daffyd … are you sure …?”


“Jack … for fuck’s sake … give me a break here … I am trying my best … look at the scanner … I am counting at least a dozen of them … if we all split up and go on our own, we have a better chance of tracking more of them down.  As long as we keep the comms on, we should be fine.”


“Right then … are we all agreed?” asked Jack.


They all nodded in agreement.


“WAIT!” Daffyd suddenly shouted.




They all froze to the spot.


“What?” whispered Jack.


“There’s one there!” Daffyd hissed as he turned around and shot it between the eyes.  Suddenly a small crowd started screaming, as they saw what used to be an ordinary human being turn into a long clawed, long toothed alien.


Jack tapped his comms unit … “Ianto … we are going to need a lot of retcon dosages!”


“Well … 1 down … about 11 more to go!” chuckled Andy.


“Glad you think it is funny!” sniped Gwen.


“Jesus … chill out girl!” Andy retorted … “Bit hormonal are we?”


“Fuck off curlytop!” she replied … half laughing.


“Ohhh … Kay ….” Jack started … “Let the bitching stop now please … let’s go!”




They each panned out across the city centre, moving according to instructions Daffyd was able to give them from his scanner.  They managed to kill a couple more before Daffyd let out a cry.


“Oh fuck!”


“What?”  the rest shouted out in unison.


“You are not going to believe this  … they are multiplying … and fast … this has got to be the shape shifters … be careful … don’t trust what you see!”


“Oh that’s helpful!” quipped Andy … “What the fuck does that mean?”


“IT MEANS …” Jack started to growl … “it could be anyone!  If in doubt … just shoot it and ask questions later!”


“And there we go again … with the helpful …!” Andy started …


“ANDY!” shouted Gwen … “Shut the fuck up!”


“Hormones!” Andy whispered under his breath.


“I heard that!” shouted Gwen just as she turned round and saw Rhys coming towards her.  “Babe what are you doing here?  What’s happened?  Why aren’t you with Ianto?”


“It’s alright sweetie! No problem!” Rhys said.


With that – just as Andy came around the corner - Gwen shot Rhys between the eyes.  “Call me sweetie will you … I don’t think so … I am no fucking candy box!”


As Rhys turned into the alien, Andy said “Awesome!  Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you!”


Gwen tapped her comms … “Jack … they have started feeding into our thoughts … they could be anyone … I have just shot Rhys [a gulp could be heard] … oh sorry Rhys … didn’t mean for you to hear that darling!”


“We need a better plan!” said Daffyd … “or this is going to end badly!”


“What do you mean?” asked Martha.


“We need to be able to identify ourselves … just in case … I mean how will I know you is … well you?”


“OK – I get your point Daffyd!” Jack chipped in … “what do you suggest?”


“Lucky Charms!”


“What do you want with a fucking breakfast cereal?” asked Andy.


“NO … pick a lucky charm … something to identify you … just in case!” retorted Daffyd.


“Oh right then … so yours will be golden bollocks then will it?” chuckled Andy.


“Hilarious!  I was thinking more on the lines of … well in my case … Daffy … so daffodil … like the cool gentle flower that I am!”


“Excuse me while Rhys and I vomit won’t you!” Ianto suddenly cut in.  “Look Jack … you don’t have time for this … the rift is opening … if you don’t do something soon … there will be too many.  You are going to have to move fast … all of you!  Oh … and Jack … “


“Yes Ianto?”


“Just don’t forget it is me that is your lucky charm!”


“You said it gorgeous!”  said Jack as he turned round to see Andy pretending to stick two fingers down his throat!


“Nice Andy … nice!” quipped Gwen.



They decided to work separately, working through each street one by one.  The only way they could be sure not to kill each other was to keep the comms open.  As Gwen turned the corner, Tosh was coming towards her.  She held her breath and shot her, tears streaming.  Next one she saw was Owen … again … she had to kill him … this was just too much … how many more … street after street … they went on … Andy got rather excited as one after the other fell to the floor … but that’s the trouble with excitement … you make mistakes if you are not careful … it was like a burning sensation at first … then as he put his hand to his chest he saw the blood …


“Gwen … help me …”


“Andy … Andy … ANDY … stop fucking around … answer me!” screamed Gwen.  “Ianto … can you find Andy?”


“He’s three streets away from you … he’s … well he doesn’t seem to be moving …”


Gwen ran down each road as if her life depended on it … not realising that it was Andy’s life that was on hold ... then in the distance she saw him laying there … motionless …


“NO!  Jack … JACK … it’s … help me … JACK!”


Gwen held Andy’s head in her arms; his blond curly hair covered in blood.


“Andy … you stupid bastard … what were you thinking?  Come on sweetheart … you can do this … come on …”


Jack rushed over, pulling Andy away from Gwen and knelt by his side.  He couldn’t lose another team member … this wasn’t going to happen again on his watch.  Martha ran up to them, bag in hand, grabbing a syringe … and stabbing it in Andy’s chest …


“Daffyd … you are on your own,” shouted Jack into his comms.


“Got it!”


“Jack, you can’t leave him on his own …” said Martha.  “I’ll go and find him,” said Gwen and ran off shouting into her comms.


“Daffyd … where are you?  I’m coming to find you …”


“See … I knew you needed to be with me!”

"Yeah ... keep believing that Daffy!"


Martha looked at Jack … “You need to go too … finish the job … I will be fine … and so will Andy .  I’ll get Rhys to come and get us … don’t worry … it will be fine.”


“That’s too many fines in one sentence!  If you are trying to convince me ... OK  … I will see you back at the hub.”

As he began to get up to leave, he stopped to grab Andy's face ... he leant in and place a quick kiss on his cheek.  "If you go and die on me ... I will kill you! You hear?"

"Get a room Harkness ... I'm not going anywhere ... and by the way ... kiss me again ... and it will be you on the floor!"

"Oh Andy ... promises promises ..."  Jack winked at him before he rushed off to find the others.  He had a heavy heart ... how much more could it take?


* * * * *


The night turned into morning … Jack, Gwen and Daffyd did not stop until every one of the aliens was killed.  Then there was the clear up … the removal of the bodies … the odd Retcon here and there … everything had to get back to normal.



They were exhausted by the time they got back. 


Gwen ran into Rhys’ arms.  “Rhys … take her home!” said Jack.


Ianto took Jack’s coat to his office.  “Come on …” said Ianto softly to Jack … you need to shower … and change … here … have some coffee first.”


Jack appeared to melt into the coffee … “Oh Ianto … I could kiss you …”


“Well, that’s what I was hoping … Sir!” Ianto giggled as he hurried towards the showers to prepare things for Jack.



Daffyd and Martha sunk together in the big sofa in Jack’s office. 


“I wasn’t sure this would work out …” said Martha softly to Daffyd.  “I mean … well the team has been through so much and getting you here … it was taking a big risk … but you did good … really good … and if you stay … I think you should stay … but if you stay … well … let’s not tell them who you really are … OK?”


“OK … whatever you say … you’re the boss!”


“Good!” Martha said as she suddenly fell asleep in Daffyd’s arms.


Daffyd kissed the top of her head and hugged her gently and as he leant back he thought what life could be like … at Torchwood.  Happy in his thoughts, he too fell asleep.









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