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THE NEWBY! Part Three


Rhys helped Jack carry Ianto’s lifeless body back to Martha’s room.  They placed him on the trolley … Jack not being able to let go of his hand.

“Jack …” Martha said softly … “let me work … let go …”

Jack’s tear-stained face was staring at Ianto.  He leaned in to give his boy one more kiss … trying to pass as much energy as he could into his beautiful boy’s body.  He reluctantly let go of Ianto’s hand and walked up the steps … a broken man.  He didn’t look back … he couldn’t.  As he walked away he shouted, “Rhys … don’t leave him … he must never be left alone!”

As Jack looked down at his bloodstained clothes, he realised he had to move on.  He hurried to the showers and stood under the hot water, feeling each drop splash against his body.  His mind drifted to the day before when he and Ianto had shared a shower together.  He could feel Ianto’s body next to his; smell his skin, his hair.  He could feel his touch … when Ianto washed him.  But best of all … he could still feel Ianto’s tongue … as he kissed him and as Ianto flicked his tongue down Jack’s body, each flick teasing … over his nipples right down to his shaft.  Sucking, teasing … as Jack stood in the shower, his body writhed in motion as he remembered entering Ianto’s tight body and rising to a crescendo of bliss as each one came in unison, screaming each other’s name before falling into a long passionate kiss.

“You’ve missed a bit ….” Jack jumped round at the sudden voice behind him.  It was Daffyd … standing … carefully screening every inch of Jack’s body, noticeably approving everything he saw.

“What the …?”

Daffyd ran his fingers gently down the side of Jack’s face … stopping fleetingly to carefully outline Jack’s mouth with his finger.  “You’ve missed a bit …” Daffyd said.  “Let me help you …” he took a towel to wipe the blood off of Jack’s face.  “There you are … perfect … you are perfect again,” he said softly.  “I would offer to help you … a bit more … but … [continuing to look over Jack’s perfect body] … I came to tell you that Andy and I have finished the machine … and we all need to go … now.”

As Daffyd turned to leave … Jack shivered … with excitement … the old Jack would have grabbed him back into the shower and made love to him until he screamed.   Suddenly, calm, Jack realised that that was indeed the old Jack and the new Jack, the now and present day Jack wanted his Welshman, his beautiful boy and only him.  That was the excitement.

As Jack went into his office, freshly dressed, he suddenly ran over to the sofa to find Ianto sitting up, heavily bandaged waiting for him.

“Ianto … you’re …” he said as he smothered Ianto with kisses over his face and neck before teasing a long kiss from his beautiful mouth.  “You should be in bed … you’re …”

“ … not finishing sentences?” Ianto laughed.  “Jack … I am fine … it was all superficial … more blood than wound … and of course your kisses saved me again!  Thank You!”

“I thought I had lost you!” Jack said as he nuzzled his head into Ianto’s neck.

“Have you two not got a room yet?” shouted Andy from the doorway … “Come on Jack … golden bollocks says we have to leave now!  Nice to see you up and about again Ianto … gave us all a fright I can tell you!”

A voice from down in the hub shouted … “Last one to the SUV is a sissy!”

Andy rolled his eyes and said …”What a fuckwit!  Jeeezz Jack, where did you find him?”

“Nothing to do with me!” Jack chuckled.  “And as for you … [Jack said turning towards Ianto] you stay here and hold the fort with Rhys … nothing strenuous … I want you with full strength for when I come back … [he winked] … I have plans to help you get better!”  He gave Ianto one last long kiss.  “Mmmm, I could do that all night!”

“Well …” quipped Ianto … “let’s make sure you do tonight!”

“Really?  All night?”  Jack rolled his eyes in ecstacy!



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