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The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 4557
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Part Three

Ianto held onto Jack’s hand as they descended on their hidden elevator. Above, Myfanwy was squawking her approval of their arrival.

“Hello old girl,” Jack said fondly. “Nice to see you again too!”

Ianto delved into his pockets and found some chocolate which he threw into the air; Myfanwy swooped and caught it effortlessly.

“Go sit yourselves down on the sofa and I will bring us some coffee,” Ianto said as he tried to take Jack’s coat from his shoulders.

“I want to keep my coat on,” Jack said clinging to it for dear life as though he could not bear to part from his safety blanket. “Some of your orgasmic coffee would be great Ianto, thank you.”

“No problem,” Ianto said as he rushed away to the kitchen. It was strange but before he left with the children, something had told him to prepare a new pot ready for his return. He hadn’t understood at the time, because he was supposed to have been alone all afternoon catching up on paperwork. But something deep down had given him a strange feeling. What was worrying him was that feeling had not gone away.

Ianto quickly prepared three coffees and grabbed Jack’s favourite biscuits from the cupboard. Looking at Owen, he held back a sob as he remembered it had been a long time since he had been able to prepare a special cup for his long dead friend. The nostalgia washed over him as he grabbed a different pack of biscuits hidden at the back of another cupboard.

“Right, here we are,” Ianto said as he placed the tray down on the coffee table.

Jack was sitting alone on the sofa looking so sad and lost that Ianto wanted to grab him and hug him forever.

Owen had grabbed what used to be Tosh’s chair and was happy sitting legs akimbo, pantaloons and striped stockings on display for the world and his wife!

“Owen, can we try and be a little more ladylike?” Ianto said, nodding towards Owen’s present display.

“What?” Owen said looking down. “I’m comfortable! You try wearing this get-up! What am I saying? You two would probably enjoy it! But with lacy stockings and higher heels!”

“Well I’d definitely prefer silkier stockings. Those look a little too rough on the skin!” Ianto said rather too knowledgably about the whole dressing-up thing!

Jack’s eyes started to glaze over again as he thought back to the wonderfully exciting and pleasurable nights Ianto and he had spent in role-play.

Ianto immediately put his arm around Jack’s shoulders as he handed him his coffee.

“Here, Cariad, drink this. It will make you feel a little better. Then you both need to tell me what is going on.”

As Jack sipped his coffee, Ianto rubbed soothing rings in his shoulders to try and relax him sufficiently to talk to him.

“I don’t know where to start,” Jack said.

“Well as Fraulein Maria would say, the beginning is a very good place to start!” Ianto smiled, trying to lighten the moment.

“I swear to God, if you two starting singing songs from the Sound of bloody Music...” Owen griped grabbing his favourite biscuits.

“I think you are safe from that at the moment Owen,” Ianto smirked. “Maybe later if you are a good boy!”

Owen looked horrified.

“I was captured by the Master and taken to his new ship,” Jack started.

“The New Valliant?” Ianto asked.

“You know about it?” Jack was surprised.

“You mentioned it when you were talking about the little girl who brought you food and drink,” Ianto replied.

“Aah,” Jack said. Ianto’s capacity for memorising the slightest thing never ceased to amaze him.

“When did this happen? Will it break timelines if you tell me?” Ianto asked.

“I don’t know, but I feel I must tell you because ... because...” Jack began to sob.

“Because?” Ianto tried to coax more from Jack. He looked at Owen for answers.

“I can’t tell you Ianto. I would if I could. But this has to be Jack’s own story to make a difference to the future,” Owen replied.

“OK, I can understand that,” Ianto said. He gently clasped Jack’s face, now covered in tears and forced him to look straight at him. “You need to tell me Cariad. I know it is painful. Just think of it like we tell the kids when we take off a big plaster... one big pull and it is over and done with and the pain will have gone.”

Jack smiled at his husband as he looked into those blue eyes he loved so much. He knew Ianto was right... as usual.

“When the Master takes me, he tries to break me again and when that doesn’t work, he has the children taken and brought to the ship where he kills them one by one. But not before Sen and Franklyn watch you being torn to shreds by the Toclafane,” Jack managed to finish before he began sobbing again as the memories flooded back.

“Right, exactly when does he take you?” Ianto ventured to ask.

“21st November,” Jack sobbed.

“That’s... that’s, fuck, that’s today!” Ianto said rather more loudly than he had anticipated.

“Where’s Jack?” Owen asked. “I mean your Jack from this timeline.”

“He’s in London at a UNIT meeting then he has to go to the Palace to have a meeting with the Queen and one of her new... wait a minute, since when do we not get to know about a new aide before we meet them?” Ianto was now extremely worried.

“Can you contact Jack?” Owen asked equally worried. He knew he shouldn’t be interfering with the timeline, but looking at the mental state that this Jack was now in, he realised it was going to have to be the Jack from now who was going to save the day. Grief, even he was getting confused!

“Yes, well I think so. What do I tell him though? Jack what do I tell... you?” Ianto held Jack’s face trying to coax him out of the catatonic state he was slowly moving into. Remembering what had happened to him and the children had almost certainly started the downward spiral Jack was falling into. Ianto knew he had to stop this because he needed Jack to stay with him so his Jack could be saved.

“Jack, Cariad, look at me, please,” Ianto softly whispered. “Jack, look at me Cariad.”

Jack looked up into those loving eyes and was suddenly jolted back into reality.

“Ianto! You are here! I thought I had lost you!” Jack said as he started to shake with fear. “But the Master...”

“Yes Jack, the Master. I think he is waiting for you, the now you, when you go and meet the Queen,” Ianto said.

“Yes! YES! He was there. He had given her something; she was asleep in a chair. That’s when he took me. You’ve got to stop this Ianto. Please you have got to stop it from happening,” Jack was frantic.

“Sshh Cariad. I know. Look, it is 5 o’clock. Jack... you... you are in the UNIT meeting still. All communications have been stopped. I can’t reach you by phone. I will have to time it to the exact minute you come out,” Ianto continued.

“No, that won’t work. I remember I was contacted whilst I was in the meeting. Someone brought me a note. I had to leave. That’s right the note said the Queen had to change her appointment; needed to bring it forward and that it was a matter of national security I see her straight away. I left by a side door and as soon as I was outside, I was whisked away into a car to the Palace. When I got there, he was waiting for me.”

“I don’t understand why they didn’t take you once you had left the meeting,” Owen said.

“No that does seem strange,” Ianto agreed. “Cariad, what happened when you got to the Palace? What was so important that you had to go to see the Master there?”

Jack was holding his head in his hands trying desperately to remember the scene he came upon. He shut his eyes and took himself through each step from his arrival at the Palace. He was taken by an Aide to the suite where the Queen was supposedly waiting. The Aide knocked on the door and someone called out Jack could enter. As the Aide opened the door, Jack stepped into the room. The Queen was sitting in a chair with her back to him. She was seated at a table, but she was completely still. There were papers on the desk. She had been holding a pen, because the pen was on the table right in front of her hand.

“The papers!” Jack shouted as he jumped up from the sofa. “That’s it; the Master had made her sign papers, important papers.”

“But what could be so... oh wait,” Ianto said, “well, they would be important if he forced her to sign away her rights to the throne, so that he could take over? That would work wouldn’t it?”

“Yes he could try but the Government would have to ratify her resignation. I mean it isn’t that simple,” Owen concluded.

“On the contrary, Owen,” Jack said seriously. “It is very simple, if the Master had all the Cabinet members killed. I remember now. That is what he did. Don’t forget he killed an American President before. Getting rid of a group of British Cabinet Ministers is child’s play to him.”

“Right! Got it!” Ianto said in his usual calm way. “Your wristband; I contact you through the vortex by sending you a visual message.”

“How does that work?” Owen asked not completely understanding what Ianto was saying.

“Two words! John Hart! Ring any bells?” Ianto replied.

“Oh right, of course. Is this your anything you can do I can do better to the ex then?” Owen laughed.

“Oh yeah, with bells on!” Ianto laughed. “I mean it is Christmas soon!”

“But what about the Queen, how do we stop that from happening?” Owen asked.

“I have a direct line to her personal phone. We have a secret code that allows me to tell her when she is in serious trouble. I think we just have enough time to talk to her before the Master shows up,” Ianto said before rushing over to Tosh’s computer. She may not be there anymore but it would always be her work station and computer. Only he and Jack used it. Any new employees that came to work for them would never be allowed near it, because Tosh would never be replaced; only the work that she did. Same went for the medical bay. All of Owen’s belongings and work instruments were still there; never to be touched again by anyone other than Jack or Ianto. All the new medics they had had, had been given new instruments.

As Ianto quickly keyed into the system to get into Jack’s wristband, he quickly pressed speed dial to get to speak to the Queen.

“Only you would have the Queen on speed dial! Only you! Owen laughed.

Ianto rolled his eyes in his usual way. Owen had missed that look; he suddenly felt very nostalgic and very sad that this adventure would soon be coming to an end. His pantomime appearance would no longer be needed and he would return into the darkness, which wasn’t so dark since he had found Tosh again. He realised he would have to leave. Jack needed to be able to get to the next stage of his grief. Someone else would help him through that.

“Mam, Ianto Jones.” Ianto put the call on speaker so he could continue keying in the protocol to reach Jack.

“Ianto, how nice to hear from you,” the voice said at the other end of the phone.

“Thank you. Mam, I am sorry but I have to ask. Are you alone?”

“No. Should I be?”

“Yes, please. Most definitely and as quickly as possible please.”

Ianto heard the Queen tell whoever was in the room with her to leave. After a moment, doors were heard closing.

“All clear Ianto. You know only you or that wonderful husband of yours ever gets the chance to boss me around like this! Nobody else!”

“I am honoured Mam. I like to think of it as protecting you rather than bossing you.”

“What is wrong Ianto?”

“Code Balmoral, Mam. Code Balmoral.”

“I see. Protocol?”

“Yes Mam. Protocol Plus One.”

“What procedure do you intend to put in place?”

“Already putting it in place, Mam. You should exit by Door B, take the lift down to Level 2, then take corridor to Exit 2. A car will be waiting for you. It will bring you Cardiff.”

“Are the rest of the family safe? Do they need separate Protocol?”

“Not at the moment, Mam, but when we know you are safe, I promise you I will make sure everyone else will be too.”

In the background, someone was knocking on the door in the Palace.

“Mam, you have to leave now, right now.”

“Thank you Ianto. I will leave straight away.”

“I will see you shortly Mam.”

“Yes Ianto you will.”

The line went dead.

Ianto switched on a separate monitor that showed a moving target. The Queen was following procedure.

“What about Jack? Did you contact him?” Owen asked.

“Yes, I think so. I’m just waiting...” Ianto began just as his phone rang.


“Yeah. I’m on my way to the Palace.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yep! No problem!”

“Any prisoners?”

“Nah, no worries!”

“So, you know where to pick up the package?”

“Yes babe and I will deliver the package back to Cardiff. So will be with you in two hours.”

“Jack it is a three hour drive. What am I saying? Of course it is two hours for you! Why do I bother? Just remember to keep the package safe!”

“Are you kidding me? With her onboard I might get to you in an hour! See you soon, I love you!”

“Love you too Jack, very much. Be safe!”

“Always, babe, always.”

“So we have changed the future?” Owen said.

“We have changed a version of it,” Jack said quietly.

“Why do you say that?” Ianto asked.

“Because my memories are changing; this isn’t going to change anything Ianto. It is just moving it to another day and time. Maybe a different scenario, but same ending. You and the kids still end up dead,” Jack said, tear falling freely again.

“There is a difference Jack. I know. And when you come back to Cardiff, you will know too and together we can set different procedures and protocols that will ensure our safety. He can’t win Jack. I won’t let him!” Ianto said defiantly.

“I hope you are right Ianto, but somehow... I don’t know, I am so tired,” Jack was weary from the pressures and excitement.

Ianto stood and put his arms around his husband.

“Let me take care of you Jack before you... return,” Ianto said looking at Owen for guidance.

“Maybe I could give you a massage to relax you?” Ianto suggested.

“That would be a good idea Ianto,” Owen agreed anxious to try and get Jack back into a more stable frame of mind. “I’m gonna have some more coffee and then take a wander round the Hub, for old time’s sake. You take your time OK?”

“Well, I think we have about an hour and a half at most, then you will have to go otherwise you will bump into now Jack and I don’t know what will happen then,” Ianto said. He took Jack’s hand.

“Cariad, come with me. We can go to our room. It will be quiet there.”

Jack nodded and silently went with Ianto. In reality he would have followed him to the ends of the earth, but for now a short walk to their room sounded perfect.

As soon as they got into their room, Ianto took Jack’s coat and lay in over the chair. He then proceeded to undress him, taking his time, going slowly. He didn’t want to spook Jack. Everything had to be at an acceptable pace, nothing rushed. He knelt down and unlaced Jack’s boots, before taking them and the socks beneath off. As soon as Jack was standing in his boxer shorts, Ianto led him to the bed; kissing him softly he asked him to lie down.

Whilst Jack was getting comfortable, Ianto quickly undressed down to his underwear. He went to the bedside table and took out supplies; massage oil and lube. He hoped he would need both.

Ianto moved onto the bed, straddling Jack’s hips. He leant over his husband to capture his lips in a soft kiss. Jack sighed into the kiss before running his fingers through Ianto’s hair and pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss. He continued to kiss Ianto as though his life depended upon it, which in some respects he supposed it did. He loved how his husband tasted. It was something of which he would never tire.

“Cariad, turn over,” Ianto said as soon as they broke gasping for air. “Let me take care of you. A massage will make you feel better.”

“You always make me feel better love,” Jack said stroking Ianto’s beautiful face. “Your love makes me feel better every day.”

“Well, let me help you feel even better,” Ianto smiled waggling his eyesbrows suggestively.

“Oh,” Jack sighed, “oh yeah!”

Ianto watched as his husband turned over on his front. He grabbed the massage oil and rubbed it into his hands. As soon as Jack was comfortable, he set to work massaging all the muscles in Jack’s shoulders that were so tight from stress. He magically unloosened each muscle as he worked his way right down Jack’s body; even making sure that his feet were taken care of. He could see from the way Jack was laying there that after nearly half an hour of deep massage, he was now completely relaxed. He reached across to the table and grabbed the bottle of lube, squirting some onto his fingers.

Ianto slipped his fingers down Jack’s spine and travelled all the way down until he found his treasure. He eased one finger into Jack’s opening and gently massaged inside, pushing his finger in deeper and deeper until he curved it slightly to find that hidden spot. Jack nearly bounced off the bed.

“Ssshh Cariad, relax. Breathe through it,” Ianto whispered as he inserted a second finger.

Jack was now trying to impale himself on Ianto’s fingers; he felt so good.

“Ianto, please I need you,” Jack whined.

“Not yet Jack, soon, very soon. I don’t want to hurt you. Let me prepare you a little more OK?” Ianto replied, wanting to take the best care he possibly could of his husband. He knew Jack was in a fragile state and with the massage having been so successful; he did not want to spoil things.

“Mmm’OK,” Jack mumbled; the feeling of love washing over him.

As soon as Ianto felt Jack was properly prepared, he turned his husband onto his back and placed a pillow beneath his hips.

Kissing Jack slowly, he placed Jack’s legs over his shoulders, whilst quickly lubing himself up. He gently entered Jack in one push until he was deep inside him.

“Oh God Ianto that feels so good.”

“Yes Cariad, it does. You feel so tight, so good, so right. I will never tire of this feeling love.”

“Nor me, babe, nor me.”

Jack placed his legs around Ianto’s waist locking his heel behind his back to give him more leverage.

Slowly Ianto entered inside Jack, before pulling out and thrusting in again. At the same time, he was gently kissing Jack.

“Harder Ianto, please,” Jack begged.

Ianto picked up the pace until finally he was pounding his husband as hard as he could aware that both of them were so close to their end goal.

Several minutes later, both were shouting each other’s name as they rode through their climax together. Ianto flopped onto Jack with exhaustion.

“I love you Ianto, never forget that,” Jack said as he kissed his husbands damp hair.

“Right back at you Cariad. I will love you forever,” Ianto said as they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A while later Ianto awoke in the bed alone. He could hear Jack’s voice calling for him.

“Hey Ianto, we’re back! Where are you? Lizzie could do with some of your orgasmic coffee!”

“Honestly Jack, you are incorrigible! I don’t know how Ianto puts up with you!”

“Because he loves me!”

“Well, don’t we all!”

Ianto quickly got dressed. He looked back at the bed somewhat forlornly wondering where Jack had gone. Was he safe? Was his nightmare over? Somehow that feeling that had never left him was telling him there was more to come. Worse to come, in fact. It was a feeling of impending doom and as his heart clenched, he knew there was nothing he could do about it.


Jack woke up as another bucket of cold water was being thrown over him.

“Wake up freak! You were daydreaming again. Dreaming of what might be? Well guess what... there are no happy endings here, just more nightmares!

The Master stood before him in his usual posture of hands on hips. His dress was somewhat strange, Jack thought, as he stood in knee high leather boots and leather trousers tucked into them. He wore a high necked shirt. The whole look was bordering on one of Fascism. Then Jack espied the riding crop in the Master’s hand, seconds before he felt it across his cheek. Blood poured down the side of Jack’s face, which was soon to be joined by more strikes from the whip and more blood. When his face was completely scarred, the Master decided to do the same to the rest of Jack’s body. An hour later, the Master had become bored. Jack had long since passed out from the pain he was forced to endure. Every few minutes, water had been thrown over him to wake him up to endure more. What had started out as a battle of wills had turned into a one sided blood bath.

“Did you really think that going back in time you could stop me? Who do you think you are dealing with here Jack? Mickey Mouse?”

“Well if the ears fit!” Jack jeered. His humour was repaid with more beatings.

“Nothing has changed Jack, nothing at all. Your beloved husband with that willing body and all of your children are still dead. You were still too late. So your efforts were pointless. Hope the quick shag was worth it!”

“Making love to my husband is always worth it,” Jack smiled, remembering how wonderful Ianto had been. He could still taste him, feel him. It brought tingles down his spine.

“He is dead! They are all dead!” the Master shouted.

“You know what? I don’t believe you!” Jack retorted. “Time was changed. I stopped you. Ianto stopped you. You lost. It is you who is the failure, who will always be the failure. And what you will never be able to take away from me is the love I have for my husband and children. You can do what you like to me but that love will always be in my heart!”

“Really? Well we’ll see about that!” the Master screamed as he plunged a knife into Jack’s chest and proceeded to cut out Jack’s heart. He threw it to the ground and stamped on it.

“Well they are not in your heart anymore are they?” the Master laughed hysterically and stormed out of the room.

Sometime later, Jack awoke; his chest had repaired itself as usual. His heart was in one piece and the love he felt for his family was still intact. He had pushed a nerve with the Master which had provoked the violent act. He searched his mind for Ianto; their bonding link would tell him if Ianto was really dead. As he searched for some sign, he felt a small pulse sensation which he could link into, but before he could conjoin the link, two soldiers were throwing more cold water on him.

“There you go freak! Another shower to rid us of the stench you make!” one jeered.

The soldiers left. He could hear their laughter as they made their way along the corridor.

Moments later the door opened and the young girl came in with food and water.

“Hello Jack,” she said.


“Yes, it’s me. How are you feeling today?”

“Surprisingly good actually. I don’t know why.”

“Well Ianto does have magic fingers doesn’t he?”

“That wasn’t a dream? It was real?”

“No Jack, it wasn’t a dream. You really saw Ianto.”

“And Owen was really dressed like that?”

“Yep ‘fraid so!” she giggled.

“Are they safe? Ianto and the kids?”

“Well, until the next time.”

“When is that?”

“Soon. But don’t worry my friends and I will help you.”

“Dottie, do you know a girl called Alice?”

“I can’t tell you Jack; you know spoilers and all that. But one day all will become clear. Trust me Jack.”

“I do, Dottie, I do. You know I think I felt Ianto’s heart beat through our bonding link.”

Dottie nodded and smiled at him.

“Sleep Jack. Rest as much as you can for the time being. A friend will be along soon to show you how to get through the next stage. Just stay strong. You can beat this. You can beat him! Just follow that heartbeat.”


As Jack awoke from his long sleep, he felt quite refreshed and rested.

He lifted his head to look around. There seemed to be a lot of light; his eyes taking time to adjust.

His vision came back to him and with the sight before him; he was actually wishing it hadn’t!

For there stood a man dressed in a bright yellow bustled and heavily padded dress with huge bright blue, green and red spots on it. What was it with these dresses and spots? He wore a matching bonnet that had a huge yellow bow tied under his chin. His eyes were adorned with bright green eye shadow and his lips had the brightest of red lipsticks. There was even a big beauty spot on his cheek. He looked down at legs that were covered in blue and red striped thick stockings and size 11 at least shoes that were bright green with bows and high heels.

“!” Jack laughed.

“Shut it!” the familiar voice said.

“Wow! Can honestly say I never thought I would see the day when you would...” Jack started.

“Seriously? Here I am, dressed like a ... like a... God knows what... and you insult me?” the Welsh voice continued.

Jack stared at the vision; he knew that voice from somewhere.

“Oh my God! Rhys?”

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