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A Christmas Tale ...

Title:  Ianto Jones - The Journey of a Young Orphan
Chapters: 7 - Part 2 A&B /?
Word Count: How long is a piece of string? This chapter is: 2634
Author:  pinkpolyanthus
Rating: 17 overall
Pairing:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys,
John Hart/Jack H (implied), Gwen/Jack [in her dreams!], Toshiko, Owen and other OCs
Spoilers/Disclaimers:  Torchwood belongs to the BBC and RTD - But the O/Cs belong to me

Summary:  This Tale is very loosely based on Jane Eyre ... it is not meant to be only a story of Gwen bashing [as someone unkindly suggested!] but merely taking the faintest of hints of the original storyline, putting the Torchwood characters into the 'character' of the protagonists and telling a story from there!  Not expecting the Nobel Prize for Literature ... just hoping that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have done writing it ... it was certainly never intended to offend ... nor to purport to be some classical piece of writing to be dissected in a Uni class!!!  Actually the way I see it ... it is like a Christmas pantomime ... with the Torchwood guys acting out their parts!!  So please stay with the seasonal spirit of goodwill and take it as it was intended ...

Enjoy and please comment ... comments to me are love ... and having had this particular story banned from TWO sites on the grounds of Gwen bashing (OMFG!) ... I am in need of lots of love!




Rhys brought in a tray filled with jugs of coffee, milk and cream, bottles of water with glasses and several plates of sandwiches.


“Thank you Rhys... this is very much appreciated...” the Judge said...


“My pleasure; now is there anything else I can get you?”


“No Rhys... please sit down with us... after all you are as much a part of this as we are... more so in fact... considering...”


Rhys sat at the table with the others and helped pass around the food and drink.  When everyone was settled, David spoke...


“So... are you going to tell me why you have got my boyfriend involved in all of this... I mean apart from being Rhys’s cousin... I don’t see the connection and if there is any danger, I most certainly do not want him anywhere near it!”


“Ssshh Davey, it’s OK... nobody forced me to be here... and I am in danger anyway...”


“Really?  How do you work that out?  You haven’t worked on the case... and I am guessing that this has to do with the Trial?”


The Judge nodded...


“Davey, I am in danger by proxy if you like... through you... they know we are a couple and they will try to use me to get to you... but if we work together, we can be one step ahead of them...”


“Them?  Who is …them …exactly?”


“Ah... yes...” said the Judge... “Look before we get to the stage of naming the culprits... there is something we have to deal with first of all...”


“And that is...” asked David, getting rather impatient. 


Sensing his frustration, Rob took hold of David’s hand under the table; gently rubbing his thumb in circles over the pressure point... hoping that David might relax... this was not the time or place to start getting agitated... there wasn’t the time... they had to get through this meeting as quickly as they could... just in case....


“Gwen Williams...”


“You mean her murder?”


“Well... she’d have to be dead to be murdered...”


“She is not dead?”


“No... she isn’t ... we have her in a safe place... a private clinic out of the country... best you don’t know where...”




“Yes, I know... the Police are acting as though she has been murdered...”


“Why would they do that?”


“Chief Constable is a close friend... he owed me a favour...”


“He knows... I thought you said only us 6 know what is going on...?”


“I did... and it is only us 6 who know the complete truth... the Chief Constable only knows a version of the truth... enough to convince his officers there was a murder... until such time as we have done what we need to do and then, hopefully, hey presto, Mrs. Williams is returned... party trick over...”


“Just like that?”


“Just like that!”


“Oh grief... this is beginning to sound like a Paul Daniels nightmare...!”


“Oh surely nothing could be that bad...!” Rhys quipped.


“So Gwen is safe... but in a clinic... what happened to her?”


“She was poisoned, a deadly poison by all accounts and if Wendy and Chrissie here; well it was their quick thinking that saved Gwen’s life.”


David looked at the two women and realised that they hadn’t been introduced...


“Ladies... you have me at a disadvantage... you obviously know who I am... but unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure...”


Rob squeezed his hand... “And nor are you likely to!”  David gave him one of his ‘looks’ and Rob looked suitably chastised!


“I am sorry, that is my fault...” the Judge said... “David, this is Wendy Morgan... apart from being my niece... she is a Staff Nurse at the hospital where Gwen was being treated... where Jack and Ianto still are... and the other young lady is Chrissie Llewellyn-Griffiths.  Chrissie is also a nurse and works alongside Wendy on the same ward.


Wendy... why don’t you tell David what happened...”


“OK Uncle Huw... well it all happened so quickly really, we had been talking with Gwen, she wanted us to do something for her and then I went off to get her some tea whilst she was waiting to be discharged.  As soon as I got back to the ward I knew something was wrong... I hadn’t completely closed the curtains and I knew Gwen wouldn’t have... she liked to watch what was going on with the other patients too much!”


The others gave a small chuckle...


“Anyway when I saw her lying on the bed, I could see she was paralyzed, he lips had turned blue; she was sweating and had trouble breathing.  I quickly paged Doctor Harper but I had seen these symptoms before – I knew it was Fugu poisoning...”


“Fugu poisoning?” David asked... “You mean... she was poisoned with Blow Fish?”




“But how did you know?”


“When Owen... Doctor Harper... and I were in Japan, we had worked in a hospital in Kyoto when this young actor had been brought in to A&E; unbelievably he had convinced a Kyoto restaurant to give him four servings of fugu liver because he enjoyed the tingling sensation that he got on his tongue and cheeks. First his arms and legs were paralyzed, had blue lips, sweating, chronic itching and then he had trouble breathing. He was dead in eight hours.”


“But what made you think that this could possibly have happened to Gwen – I mean some of these symptoms point to other conditions... and it is a bit of a flying leap to get to this sort of poisoning…?”


“Well ... it was the conversation we had had with Gwen just before I went to get the tea... she truly believed she was in danger because of a Trial her friends were involved in. 


I can’t believe it but I more or less told her she was being stupid... those words came back to haunt me when I saw her lying there so helpless... and it had to be something that would act quickly…”


“Why did she decide to tell you she thought she was in danger...? I mean it is not a thing you suddenly blurt out to a complete stranger is it?”


Wendy looked at her uncle, wondering how much she should say... he nodded to her... before looking at David...


“Always the Barrister... eh David?  Looking for the logic... you will make a fine QC one day... maybe even a Judge”... the Judge said.


“It’s just such an odd thing to talk about...”


“Gwen wanted Chrissie and I to witness something...”


“Witness something... what ... as in watch her do something?”


“Yes... we had to witness her signature on a document...”


“What document?”


“This one...” Wendy handed David the document Gwen had written out for him.


“But this is for me... I don’t understand...”


“It appears she wanted to make amends for all the lies she had told and all the bad things she had done to Ianto since he came to live with her...”

Onwards to Part B:

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