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A Christmas Tale ...

CHAPTER SIX ... Part 7… C

After the Hearing, Jack, Ianto, Toshiko, Martha and Tom had  all gone out to dinner together with the proviso that none of them would speak of the Trial.  For once they just wanted to be themselves – a group of friends having some quiet time together and having fun.


Jack and Ianto had held hands practically all through the meal; it was as if they could not bear to be apart for one second, so important was the feeling of touch to them both.  During coffee, Jack put his arm around Ianto’s shoulders, drawing him tightly into his body, whilst holding Ianto’s hand with his other hand; gently playing with his bonding ring.  They were moulded as one.  There was not one vestige of space between them, so tightly were they wrapped in each other.


After dinner, Jack and Ianto drove back to their home; Martha and Tom dropping off Toshiko at the end of her road.  Toshiko insisted that a little walk would do her good after the wonderful meal.


As she entered the pathway to her small terraced house, Toshiko heard a noise from behind her, which made her jump.  As she turned, she saw next door’s cat jumping up onto the bins, clanging the lid to the ground.


“Oh Marmaduke you naughty boy… you nearly frightened  me to death!  Then who would feed you those extra treats?”


As she stroked Marmaduke behind his ear, his purring drowned out the noise she should have been aware of.  Before she realized what was happening, the handkerchief full of chloroform had been placed on her face and instantly she felt herself falling into the darkness.


Marmaduke lashed out and scratched Toshiko’s attacker.  He jumped over the fence and ran into the night before the attacker could carry out his revenge.   As he dragged Toshiko’s body away, he was unaware that his blood dripped down the bins and along the path.




Ianto stood looking out of the bedroom window.  He felt uneasy.  Something was not right but he couldn’t quite place what it was that made him feel like this.  Strong arms wrapped around him, as Jack buried his head into Ianto’s neck, loving the musky smell of his lover.


“Penny for them…” Jack said…


“You won’t get much for your money!” Ianto replied…


Jack turned Ianto to face him.  He could see something was troubling him; Ianto’s face was a picture of worry.  Jack caressed Ianto’s cheek with his thumb whilst gently placing a kiss on his forehead.


“What is the matter Ianto?  Something is up… what is it?”


Ianto raised an eyebrow…


“Is this where I am supposed to say… from here it looks like you are?”


“No… Ianto… seriously… something is worrying you…”


“No, Jack… it’s nothing… now let me help you with this…” Ianto placed his hand over Jack’s hardening erection… Jack grabbed his hand…


“Later Ianto… for now… I want to know what is wrong…”


Ianto sighed…


“It’s just… oh you know me too well Jack…”


“Yes I do… which is why I love you so much… and I don’t like to see you looking so worried… so… spill… what is it…?”


“I can’t explain what is wrong… because… well because it is just a bad feeling I have … like a premonition… or an omen… or whatever you want to call it… I feel that something bad … either has happened or is about to happen… and I feel completely useless… because I cannot stop whatever it is… from doing whatever they are going to do!”


“Is this feeling about anyone is particular?”


“No… not really… oh Jack… it is probably nothing… I am probably being silly… you know just overtired from everything that has happened…”


“Maybe… but I know how sensitive you are… you always pick up on things… look sleep on it… things will look different in the morning… let’s go to bed…”


“OK… yes… good idea… errr… Jack…”


“Yes my love… what is it?”


“Would you… please…”?


Jack took Ianto’s face between his hands and gently kissed him.


“What do you want Ianto?”


“I… err… want you!”


“You have me… forever…”


“But… I want you… in me… oh Jack… would you please  make love to me… I need you… so desperately tonight…”


“Oh Ianto of course I will… always…”



As Jack and Ianto lay wrapped in each other’s arms, completely sated by their lovemaking, neither were aware of the evil that was waiting outside for them… or the hosepipe that was pumping petrol through the letterbox on their front door…


Evil was everywhere tonight…


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