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A Christmas Tale ...

CHAPTER SIX ... Part 7… B

Gwen suddenly shuddered.  She felt very cold and had a very bad feeling.  It was like that old saying… feeling as though someone had walked over your own grave.  For the first time in a long time, Gwen felt very frightened; it rapidly dawned on her that it wasn’t just Jack, Ianto and the others who were in danger.  If she gave this statement to someone who, in effect, was the opposition, she was putting herself in danger.  She thought about this for a moment and quickly decided that this was the right thing to do.  Even if this ended up being the last thing she ever did… she would have done something right in her life.  She continued writing…




I also believe that there is a chance that by me making this statement, I am putting my own life in danger, but I would never be able to live with myself if the truth did not come out and Captain Harkness and Ianto Jones were given the chance to live the remainder of their lives together in peace and without shame.


Finally, the evidence required to prove the photographs are fake can be found in the studio of Billis Manger – not the shop in the Arcade but his own private studio, which can be found in Mermaid Quays.  Adam Smith, John Hart, Anthony Costello and Suzie Harkness all have copies of everything and there is one extra copy, which can be found in a safety deposit box in Coutts Bank.


I take this opportunity to admit that I was completely negligent in my responsibilities towards Ianto Jones and was irresponsible in not ensuring that he received proper care and attention.  It is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life.  I am also extremely sorry that I betrayed my husband, Rhys Williams; although I stand by my decision not to continue with the pregnancy because I know that I would have been a very bad parent.  The pain and suffering that I inflicted upon Ianto Jones is evident and consolidates my opinion of my own parenting however, Rhys Williams was a good man and deserved to be treated in a better and more respectful manner.  I cannot apologize enough to him for my disgraceful behavior and ask for his forgiveness.


I have no excuse as to why I have behaved so selfishly and irresponsibly and fully accept that I must suffer the consequences for my actions.


As a final act of putting my affairs in order, I want to ensure that should anything happen to me at any time in the future that my entire estate is left to Ianto Jones.  All that I ask is that he set aside a sum of money for Toshiko Sato and Martha Jones as a gesture of my gratitude for all the hard work and loyal service they gave me.  Although I am aware that I never showed it, but I am extremely grateful to them.


Finally I want both Captain Harkness and Ianto Jones to know how sorry I am for the pain and sorrow this terrible Trial will have put them through.  I cannot begin to imagine the ordeal they have suffered at the hands of the Police.  They are two very special people, totally devoted to each other and the thought that my actions have separated them even for one instant is more than I can bear.  My only consolation – if there is one – is that they have weathered this ordeal together, which shows how strong they are as a couple and will hopefully continue to be so forever.  Although I have no right to ask, I hope that in time they will be able to forgive me for my actions.


Signed by


Gwen Cooper-Williams



The nurse popped her head around the curtain asking if Gwen wanted a cup of tea before she left.  Gwen said she would and then a thought struck her…


“Wendy… is Chrissie with you?”


“Yes she is here… why?”


“Would you two do me a favour… could you both witness something for me?”


“Witness something?  What… you mean like a legal document?”


“Well… yes in a way.  I have made this statement here which I want to send to a Barrister who is working on a Trial which my… friends… are involved with and my statement could help them… help the Barrister win the case.  So if you and Chrissie would sign to say that this is my signature and that I am, for instance of sound mind when I was signing then … if anything happened to me … the document would be valid because it was witnessed…”


“Oh come on Gwen, don’t be such a drama queen!  Nothing is going to happen to you, but if it makes you feel better and it helps your friends then of course we will be witnesses for you.  Where do we sign…?”


Gwen showed Wendy and Chrissie where she wanted their signatures, which they happily did.  Then Wendy went off to get the tea.


As Gwen finished re-reading her statement, she carefully put  it back into the small folder she had with her.  With her head down, concentrating on what she was doing, she did not notice the person who had arrived at her bedside, dressed in a surgical gown.


“Mrs. Williams?”


“Yes…” Gwen said still fiddling with the folder.


“I have to do a blood test on you and then you can go; all the discharge papers have been signed.  Lie back on the bed and roll up your sleeve please…”


Gwen did as she was told; closing her eyes tightly as she hated needles and particularly hated having blood taken.  She felt the needle to into her vein and waited for that sensation as the blood was being taken.  Suddenly she felt extremely lightheaded, and then dizzy; her vision was blurring as she opened her eyes and looked at her attacker.  As her body went into spasms, she realized she could not move her limbs; she was completely paralysed. The folder she had been holding slipped off the bed onto the floor.  As her attacker continued his work, he accidentally kicked the folder under the bed.  When he had finished, he drew the curtain back around Gwen’s bed and made his getaway, leaving behind that crucial piece of paper.



Before finally closing her eyes, Gwen watched her attacker leave... 


“So...” she thought... “He does his own dirty work...” She laughed to herself as she realised he had not been as thorough in his work as he thought.


Gwen slipped into the darkness…



Onwards quickly to Part C:


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