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A Christmas Tale ...

Title:  Ianto Jones - The Journey of a Young Orphan
Chapters: 6 - Part 7A, B & C/?
Word Count: How long is a piece of string? This chapter is: 3049
Author:  pinkpolyanthus
Rating: 17 overall
Pairing:  Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys,
John Hart/Jack H (implied), Gwen/Jack [in her dreams!], Toshiko, Owen and other OCs
Spoilers/Disclaimers:  Torchwood belongs to the BBC and RTD - But the O/Cs belong to me

Summary:  This Tale is very loosely based on Jane Eyre ... it is not meant to be only a story of Gwen bashing [as someone unkindly suggested!] but merely taking the faintest of hints of the original storyline, putting the Torchwood characters into the 'character' of the protagonists and telling a story from there!  Not expecting the Nobel Prize for Literature ... just hoping that you will enjoy reading it as much as I have done writing it ... it was certainly never intended to offend ... nor to purport to be some classical piece of writing to be dissected in a Uni class!!!  Actually the way I see it ... it is like a Christmas pantomime ... with the Torchwood guys acting out their parts!!  So please stay with the seasonal spirit of goodwill and take it as it was intended ...

Enjoy and please comment ... comments to me are love ... and having had this particular story banned from TWO sites on the grounds of Gwen bashing (OMFG!) ... I am in need of lots of love!

CHAPTER SIX ... Part 7… A



The Court session was adjourned to the next day.  Gwen had put on quite a show and was taken to hospital to be checked over.  The only thing wrong with her was her feeling of shame.  It wasn’t just about the baby – she had the right to decide what she wanted to do with her own body but she knew she had betrayed Rhys in not explaining to him properly why she did not want children.  She knew she had made a terrible mistake.  As she lay in that hospital beds waiting for the doctor to discharge her, memories were suddenly flooding back to her – all the things she had done to Ianto when he was growing up. 


When had she become such a bad person?  She knew Ianto should have gone to school and yet she had made no effort to get him into one.  He had all that money from his father – she could have even sent him to boarding school if she hadn’t wanted him at home, but she had preferred to use him as a servant.  Why had she done that?  Why had she resented Ianto so much?  He was a child… but not only that, he was the child of her brother… she was his only living close relative and she had failed him, not only him but the memory of her brother too.


Gwen knew that she had to find a way to put all this right.  She had told such terrible lies about Jack and Ianto.  She had allowed herself to be used by Adam Smith.  As soon as she got out of hospital, she would go straight over to see David Lloyd and explain everything to him, especially what Smith was going to get Hart to do.



What was taking them so long?  Surely there must be a doctor somewhere to sign the papers?  If one did not come along in the next ten minutes she would just have to discharge herself! 


As the minutes ticked by, Gwen’s impatience grew; she was determined that the day would end with her having done something good for a change.  To pass the time she had taken out a writing pad she had in her bag and had started to draft a statement to David Lloyd…



To:  David Lloyd

Temple Chambers
From: Gwen Cooper-Williams

This statement, dated 24th June, is made by Gwen Cooper-Williams.  It is made of her own free will.


In the light of the evidence that I previously gave in Court, during the Trial of Captain Jack Harkness, I would like to ensure that the truth is told.



Firstly, Captain Jack Harkness is completely innocent of the charges that have been brought against him.  At no time did he and Ianto Jones commit any sexual act before Ianto became of legal age to pursue a homosexual relationship.  Captain Harkness acted in a totally proper manner towards Ianto and certainly never encouraged an intimate relationship nor tried to seduce Ianto.  The most that could be said about their relationship was that it was one of a very close friendship, based entirely upon mutual love and respect. 


Captain Harkness was at all times a caring guardian for Ianto, ensuring that his personal and physical wellbeing were taken care of.  Captain Harkness made sure that Ianto received the best education, because I myself had failed to do so as Ianto’s legal guardian.  It is of great shame to me that I did not take my responsibilities for Ianto in a more serious manner; an action for which I am truly sorry.



I know for certain that Captain Harkness and Ianto Jones did not share any consummation of their relationship in a sexual manner until after Ianto’s 18th birthday, when they stayed together at the Dorchester Hotel in London as part of a birthday gift that I had given to Ianto.  I am grossly ashamed that I gave Ianto this gift to encourage him to spend intimate time with Captain Harkness, so that Mrs. Suzie Harkness and her cousin, Anthony Costello, could take advantage of the couple by placing photographic equipment in their suite. 



All the photographs that have been entered into evidence by the Defence Counsel are fake because they have been put together from various different shots taken from video footage and made to look like it happened before Ianto was 16, which would ensure that Captain Harkness would be charged with a criminal act.  The reason for this deception was because Mrs. Harkness would not accept that Captain Harkness wished to divorce her and she knew that if he succeeded, because of her drug addiction and lack of commitment to the marriage, she would not receive any monies in settlement. 


Mrs. Harkness and John Hart came up with the plan for the stay in London, which I agreed to finance.  My reason for agreeing to this terrible betrayal was because I was jealous of Captain Harkness’s relationship with Ianto.  I knew the Captain was completely in love with Ianto and that Ianto felt the same for the Captain; this made me feel extremely hurt because I knew the Captain would never feel the same for me.  I should say that the Captain never gave me any reason to assume that there would be a relationship between us; unfortunately it was all in my imagination and for this I am truly sorry.


With regards to my evidence in Court, although I did provide the evidence for the deception, it was Adam Smith’s idea to expand on the lies in order to try and win the case.  John Hart needed no encouragement because of his obsession with Captain Harkness.  He also imagined a relationship that was never there; it was always a quick fling on the part of the Captain, it was nothing more because of his commitment to Ianto.  He was purely fulfilling his sexual desires for that moment; it certainly did not signify any sort of relationship between him and John Hart.   The Captain had made it very clear that John Hart was a very casual sexual partner who would mean absolutely nothing to him; he made those sentiments extremely clear to Hart.


As the Trial progressed so did the amount of lies that Adam Smith required us to say in Court.  He would not take no as an answer; so determined was he to win the case.


And that is the reason I am writing this statement, because I fear for those involved in the case, particularly Captain Harkness, Ianto Jones and any of their friends who have helped with the case.  I have no doubt that Adam Smith will do anything to win the case even if it means committing a serious offence.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I really believe that the lives of those mentioned are in danger and I beg those people concerned to take the necessary steps to protect themselves against any form of violence that I am sure both Adam Smith and John Hart are planning to carry out.


Onwards to Part B:

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