The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale Retold - A Time For Reflection

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale Retold - A Time for Reflection
Word Count: 1862
Characters: Jack, Ianto,The Doctor
Rating: R for mention of violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended

Ianto sat on a bench in the shade of a rather unusual looking tree. He hadn’t seen one like this before, but the smell was pure Heaven; there was no doubt it had healing powers which was not surprising given where he was. Mika4; planet extraordinary in the advancement of medicine.

He knew he should be running like the wind to see how Jack was coping with the pregnancy; the babies would be born anytime soon. He just needed a few moments to reflect, to take in what had happened that day. He still couldn’t believe the Master was gone for good; that would take more than a few moments to sink in.

He thought back to his night of passion with his ‘other’ Jack; the hours they had spent making love. Every touch had been made and taken as if it were to be their last and in some ways in was. Although, deep down, Ianto had had the distinct feeling that they would meet again. Maybe not for a long, long time, but he knew it was their destiny to be together forever.

A cup was thrust in his hand.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t make it!” the friendly voice said. “You had left enough in the flask for a cup for you and luckily there was some of your wonderful tea left in the pot!”

“Thanks!” Ianto said gratefully as he sipped the drink.

“You looked like you needed it. How are you Ianto?”

“I’m fine! I’m always fine!” he replied.

“How are you really? The truth now please!”

“What do you want me to say? That I am falling apart because a madman wanted to destroy my family again?

That for the last 25 years we have lived in sheer terror waiting for him to strike and now that it is over, that feeling of closure has yet to arrive?

That it breaks my heart into so many pieces that Jack was put through so much pain through the torture the Master put him through?

That four of my children died and even though they survived because of all the timey wimey stuff, in the end somewhere, locked away in their minds, the moments they died will be still with them?

My heart is breaking Doctor. Actually I think my heart is broken!”

The Doctor placed his hand on Ianto’s shoulder.

“A heart can be mended,” he said quietly.

“Can it? I am not sure that is true anymore.”

“What happened... what happened with the Master, Alice said it was my fault; she said I should have acted earlier, dealt with him earlier.”

“Well she has a point.”

“I didn’t deal with him earlier because he was, at the time, the last of the Time Lords. I would have been alone.”

Ianto looked at the Doctor, searching his face for any remorse. He did not see any.

“Some might say that is rather selfish of you, considering how things turned out.”

“Yes some might. Alice did.”

“And by the way, when were you going to tell us about Alice?”

“Well,” the Doctor turned away looking rather sheepish. “It never came up in conversation.”

“Never came up?” Ianto was annoyed. “What do you mean it never came up? You have been there through all the births of our children; there wasn’t a time when you could have said... oh by the way I have a daughter called Alice? Bit ironic isn't it given Jack has a daughter with the same name?”

The Doctor looked down at his hands and shrugged.

“Why couldn’t you tell us?”

“I thought it would be safer for her.”

“Why on earth would you think that?”

“Torchwood. You know what I think about Torchwood.”

“Jack and I aren’t just Torchwood. We are your closest friends. And besides, Torchwood is just fine for you when you need help; but not just good enough to show us your family?”

“I am sorry Ianto.”

“Yeah? Well you know what, this time Doctor, sorry just doesn’t cut it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t accept your apology. You let us down. More to the point you let Jack down... again. Because of you he was put through tortures that nobody should have to go through. You have to face responsibility for your actions.”

“I am sorry. I don’t know what else to say, what to do.”

“Here is what you can do. Firstly, you will make sure the four children in there,” Ianto said pointing towards the hospital, “are put through the vortex. You promised to do that a long time ago. What if one of them had been killed? It would have been too late then wouldn’t it?”

The Doctor nodded. “I agree.”

“Then the new babies, as soon as they are ready, you will do the same to them and any future children we have. Right?”

“That is going to be a lot of babies!”

“We have a lot of time ahead of us, all of us do!”

“Yes you do, billions of years actually.”


“Oh I think we have gone beyond spoilers, don’t you?”

“Yes, way beyond.”

“So all of your children will become immortal like you and Jack?”

“And their children and so on!”

“That is a lot of children!”

“So you said. There is one more thing you can do for me.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Well, Mika4 is supposed to be medically advanced right?”

“Yes, that is why we brought Jack here.”

“So they are used to dealing with male pregnancies.”


“What if a man wants to have a baby, how would they help him?”

“Well they would use an advanced hormone method to encourage the eggs to grow.”

“But what if the man wasn’t, well... what if he wasn’t physically capable of having the baby?”

The Doctor looked at Ianto trying to understand what he was asking. He suddenly understood.

“Well, if a man does not have a baby sac for carrying the baby, they have the technology to implant one.”

“Is it a difficult procedure?”

“No, not at all. Once implanted, the man has to endure three months of daily intensive hormonal injections, which have a few side effects, but apart from that it is quite normal in this timeline to carry out such an operation.”

“Side effects? What sort of side effects?”

The Doctor shook his head and laughed. Ianto looked at him somewhat curious as to what was so amusing.

“Well the main effect probably wouldn’t be that noticeable, given that it is you and Jack involved?”


“Well... how do I put this? There is probably, actually no definitely, an extra desire for having sex; but given that you two go at it like rabbits, who would know the difference?”

Ianto laughed. “Right!”

“Do I assume by your line of enquiry you are thinking of having this operation done whilst we are here?”

“Yes I am. As you said, both Jack and I have billions of years ahead of us and I cannot think of a time when we won’t want a young family in our lives. I don’t want Jack having to always be the one carrying them.”

“You want to take the burden away from him?”

“Yes I do.”

“Ianto, whatever happened with the Master, you could not have stopped it. You could not have taken that burden from Jack, you know that don’t you?”

“All I know is that from now on, Jack is not going to be the only one that ends up taking responsibility for things when they happen. If I can help, in whatever way that is, then I will do it. Besides, I have seen the joy that carrying our children gives him. I would like that feeling; of knowing I am carrying a life inside me. A life that both of us have made with our love. It may sound sappy to you, but it would mean a lot to me.”

“It doesn’t sound sappy, as you put it, at all. True love isn’t sappy. It is something to be embraced and treasured.”

“So are we agreed?”


“Just one more thing, we don’t tell Jack about the operation until after I have had it. He will have enough on his plate with the arrival of our two new babes. I don’t want him worrying unnecessarily, OK?”

“OK, agreed. But I have to say, on your own head be it! You know Jack isn’t going to be very happy about being kept out of the loop!”

“I know, but he will see it my way in the end. I have very powerful ways of persuasion!” Ianto smirked.

“I don’t want to know!”

“Right, I need to get to my husband, he will be driving the nursing staff nuts by now and bursting a blood vessel if I know him.”

The Doctor nodded smiling.

“Ianto, are we good?”

“We will be. You have to give me time here. I need time to put everything into perspective.”


“What you can do is go and get that daughter of yours and bring her here. And whilst you are doing that pick up Serena and the others. I know they are dying to see their new brother and sister.”

“Yes will do. By the way, did you realise that we might possibly become related?”

Ianto looked unsure at what the Doctor was suggesting.

“Alice and Serena; I think they have taken quite a shine to each other.”

“Ah, yes I noticed. Good match don’t you think?”


“Right I’m off then. See you with everyone in a bit?”

“Yes, in a few moments. I do have one extra stop-off to make.”

“Oh where?”

“I think Jack might like to see Dottie again.”

“Yes I think he would like that very much, together with an explanation!”

“It will all become clear in the end, it always does. Time can shift. Time can change. Time can be rewritten.”

“Yes, the point is however with all that time business, is to make sure nobody is harmed along the way. That should be your new year’s resolution!”

“New year? Oh yes, it is isn’t it?”

“Happy New Year Doctor.”

“Happy New Year Ianto.”

As Ianto went into the birthing room, the Doctor heard Jack starting his rant...

“So you decided to turn up did you? You bastard! This is all your fault! You did this to me! If you hadn’t stuck that thing of yours inside me I wouldn’t be in this amount of pain. If you think you are going to do that to me again you have another thing coming!”

The Doctor shook his head, smiling to himself. Only with true love do couples manage to get through situations like that. He was envious in some ways of Jack and Ianto for the relationship they had; a relationship that it had seemingly eluded him.

As he walked back to the TARDIS, the Doctor knew that he had to make up for the pain and suffering he had caused. He vowed to make sure that it would never happen again. He would rather die himself that have the responsibility of another’s pain weighing heavily on his shoulders.

Unfortunately, too soon, the Doctor would be placed in that uncompromising situation.


The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold - The Whole Story!

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 27,531
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Parts One to Five plus Epilogue

For those of you who may like to read the story in one go...

Happy New Year
Pinkpolyanthus 2011

The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 8937
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Part Five & Epilogue

When Jack awoke, he had prepared himself to be hanging from chains. He was therefore surprised to be cocooned in the softest of duvets and mattresses. He was in heaven and he loved every minute and certainly did not want it to end.

The smell of coffee tantalised his nostrils. He was fighting the urge to leap out of bed and grab a mug of what was obviously going to be nectar from the Gods; but the comfort and warmth wrapped around him was just overwhelming.

“Are you planning on lying there all day or are you going to get up and help us catch some spooky doos?” a familiar voice said.

Jack suddenly sat up. He wasn’t sure what had shocked him the most; the fact that somebody was in his room watching him or that that person was obviously someone he knew!

He certainly wasn’t prepared for the sight before him. He didn’t know why he was so shocked; after all he had already seen two sights just as ridiculous as this one. Maybe it was the person standing in the dress, the bonnet, the bustle and bows; not to mention the huge shoes.

It was possibly because he had never in a million years expected to see a very tall man who was after all well over 6’3” in three inch heels and baggy stockings. And frankly, bright orange was not a colour he would have thought to have seen him wear. Jack was mesmerised again; something he had got used to being!

There he stood, yet another Pantomime Dame with an orange and white striped skirt; the upper part of the dress was in a solid orange bodice and sleeves but with striped cuffs and buttoned ‘shirt’ section that was edged in a white frill.

Over the skirt there was a white apron that was also frilled. However, possibly the most hilarious thing what was on his head – a bonnet that was white with huge orange spots on it with an equally huge striped bow on the front; all covering a black ringletted wig, so different from the usual blond mop! The attention to detail that had gone into this costume was amazing, Jack reasoned with himself.

“Hello, Earth to the Captain!” the voice said.

“Err, what?” Jack stuttered having been shaken from his curious thoughts. He had been thinking of all his own personal Pantomime Dames and for some unknown, inexplicable, unthinkable reason his mind had gone to the old adage of Marry, Shag or Push off a Cliff! Where had that come from? It was whilst Jack was still debating this dilemma his thoughts were interrupted.

“Oi, Captain Spooky Doo! You do not get to push me off a cliff thank you very much! I’m a keeper!”

Jack blushed at the thought!

“Errrm, how did... I mean...” Jack stuttered again.

“How did I know what you were thinking? Seriously?”

“Right! Well Andy, you look... you look...”


“Well it’s hard for me to put it into words,” Jack cautiously said.


“Well, I agree you are definitely a keeper!”

“As in a goalie!” Owen muttered.

“Oh really Harkness, so what does that make us?” Rhys suddenly said as he appeared from behind Owen.

“Yeah, which of us is going over the bleedin’ cliff?” Owen asked.

“Errrmmm,” Jack was stuttering again. He realised that whatever he said he was screwed and definitely not in a good way!

“Ladies, if you wouldn’t mind, the Captain has lots to do today, as do we all,” Ianto pushed through them with a tray of coffee and Jack’s favourite pastries.

There was a communal huffing as the Dames made their exit.

“Thank you!” Jack said as he looked at his husband’s gorgeous face.

“You’re welcome. Besides I can’t have you kissing anyone but me!”

“Never would, never could! By the way, where am I?”

“Here with me on the bed?”

“No, I mean, the me from this timeline.”

“Oh, right, you are on Mika4 with River and the kids, just until things clear up here and I can join you ready for the birth.”



“Do we have a few minutes? For us I mean?”

“I think that can be arranged... Sir,” Ianto drawled, knowing exactly what this did to Jack.

Jack leant in and softly kissed Ianto.

“How about you have your coffee and pastries whilst I get us a shower ready... for both of us?” Ianto suggested.

Within seconds Jack had shoved the pastries in his mouth and had washed them down with the coffee.

Ianto just rolled his eyes at the lack of decorum Jack had when eating.

“What?” Jack innocently asked.

“Never mind! Let’s get into the shower!” Ianto grabbed Jack’s hand and yanked him through the shower-room door.

Twenty minutes later they both emerged thoroughly washed, relaxed and sated. They were ready for whatever the day was going to throw at them.

As they entered the kitchen, still hand in hand, they could hear an argument brewing.

“You’d be the one going over the bleedin’ cliff mate!”

“Oh really?” Rhys said accentuating his Welsh accent. “Well, listen up Twypsen; you’d definitely be just his shag because I’m definitely the one he’d marry!”

“What about me?” Andy asked.

“Shut up!” the two jointly replied.

“Excuse me Ladies,” Ianto interrupted. “But if you hadn’t noticed, he’s taken!” Ianto held up their conjoined hands. And by the way, just for the record, in case you had all forgotten, because I get dressing up can do that to you...Owen you are dead and are happy with Tosh. Rhys you are dead and are happy with Gwen and Andy, you are dead... and who are you happy with?”

“Jake, don’t you remember?”

“Yes of course I do. I mean we all went to your Civil Partnership. Sorry. So you are still together? I mean... in the afterlife and all that?”

“Yes, he is still the love of my life!”

“Well there you are then – ALL OF YOU! I suggest you go freshen up or whatever it is you do because we need to leave here in 10 minutes. I have a rendezvous to keep with a certain despot!”

“Ooooh,” Andy said, “I feel a little Pantomime song coming on...”

“Really? NOW?” Ianto balked.

Andy ignored him and continued, making sure he did all the actions...

“I’m a little despot,
Short and stout,
Here’s my winkle,
Here’s my pout!”

“Where is he?” shouted Rhys.

“He’s behind you!” the rest shouted as loud as they could.

The Doctor appeared in the doorway.


They all laughed out loud at the Doctor’s timing.

“What?” he said. “Did I miss something?”

“Just us having a bit of silliness! Nothing major,” Rhys said.

“Right, so are we ready?” the Doctor asked again.

Ianto nodded.

“You know what you need to do?”

“Yes I do. I hope the plan will work.”

“Well if it doesn’t we will have to improvise.”


Ianto was seemingly busily looking over a list of things to do, as he walked across the Plas. He was making notes, not unaware he was being watched. He prepared himself for the inevitable.

Before leaving the Hub, Ianto and the Doctor had discussed ways of communication realising that any form of electronic form would be immediately picked up by the Master’s scanners. Although mindful of the Masters skills, they had agreed on a somewhat unusual Earthling way to communicate – telepathy.

Ianto had a somewhat low level skill from being at Torchwood One, even though he and Jack had a direct link. That was different; it was completely unique to them and their bonding ceremony.

The problem was that this link only worked between Ianto and his Jack and not with the one in his present timeline. There were nudges of the link but nothing like their usual abilities.

The Doctor had therefore taken the step of completely honing into Ianto’s mind which not only was intrusive but also providing intimate knowledge which would normally only be shared with a loved one.

However, there was complete trust between the two men and they knew that this would be their only chance to capture the Master and rid themselves of their ongoing predicament, thus ensuring that Jack’s sanity would return to normal levels and their children would be safe.

The Doctor had also taken the step of honing in the ‘other’ Jack because it was going to take the three of them to take the Master down. This was a risk because even though Ianto’s Jack was far away on Mika4, their bonding was so strong there was every possibility he would be able to pick up on what Ianto was going through and that could put untold stress on him and the unborn babies.

He also knew the Master would stop at nothing to destroy Jack and Ianto. Whilst he was strong enough to fight against Mindbending, which he had explained to his curious companions as Time Lord Wrestling... [a term that raised Ianto’s eyebrow and earned Jack a cuff around the ear!]... where there is a telepathic battle between two ‘contestants; he wanted to steer as far away from that as possible because he knew it also involved the stronger mind trying to regress the other, taking them back as far as they could. The consequences would be devastating for Mika4 Jack in his present state of vulnerability.

The Doctor had contacted River and warned her of the possibility. She had come up with a few ideas that might help the Jack with her.

As Ianto walked down the steps to where the water taxis waited, he was suddenly surrounded by a group of young school girls eagerly looking for their tour bus.

The Master stepped out in front of Ianto.

“If you don’t want a bloodbath I suggest you join me,” he said as he nodded towards the girls.

“What do you want?” Ianto asked.

“You! I want you! With you I can finally break the Captain.”

“Why? Why is it so important for you to do that? What has he done to deserve that?”

“He is a freak! He...”

“He is NOT a freak!” Ianto shouted. “My husband is the most wonderfully caring, generous, not to mention most gorgeous man in the Universe. He is the bravest man I know.”

“How touching!”

“Yeah, it is... and whatever you do to him, he will always be a hero to me, our children and everyone who knows and loves him. So take me, bring it on! But at the end of the day you still lose, because you will never be one ounce as good a person as he is!”

“Oh spare me your claptrap! It is quite nauseating! Like star crossed lovers!”

“We are soul mates forever; not something you will ever know!”

“I am loved! I have people who love me!” the Master shouted.

“No you don’t!” Ianto sneered. “Not even your own Mother could stand the sight of you; so disappointed she was with how you turned out! And everyone else around you just fears you. It is not love, just fear for their own lives. And as for your wife...”

“Lucy? She loves me! She adores me!”

“No, she does not. Unfortunately, she is so lost in her own world of revenge and hate; she gets off on everything you do. The poor woman is psychologically deranged. No wonder you found each other. You are both as sick mentally as the other! But don’t kid yourself, it is not love; not remotely.

And for that I feel sorry for you, because everyone should experience the complete fulfilment that Jack and I feel for each other; having that total love and trust is amazing.

It brings us such joy and contentment that every morning when we wake up in each other’s arms, we can’t wait for the day to begin.”

Ianto was carefully manoeuvring himself on the walkway, gently walking towards the Master and the soldiers who were waiting with him.

He made sure that the Master was completely focussed on him and not what was being stage managed around them. Not on the ‘tour guide’ who was quickly and quietly leading the school children to safety aboard their own private water taxi that had arrived to take them on an unscheduled mystery tour of the Bay.

... Not on the road sweepers who had arrived on the Plas with their somewhat sophisticated carts and who had systematically cleared the Plas of any member of the public. The so-called business people now walking with their coffees and newspapers in hand were Torchwood personnel on full alert. Each one had positioned themselves ready to take out their target; the Master’s soldiers would not stand a chance.

“Oh yahdy yahdy ya! You are so smug! The pleasure I am going to get knocking it out of you, reducing you to the pathetic being you really are! That is the day I can’t wait for!” The Master was jumping up and down on the balls of his feet.

“You think that by taking me away from Jack will break him? You don’t know him then! Yes he will grieve, but it will make him stronger to fight another day to rid the world of maniacs like you!”

“That is where you are wrong Mr. Jones, because I already have your Jack in chains. I enjoy him every day in so many ways; possibly even a few you haven’t even tried!” The Master sneered at Ianto willing him to rebel, but Ianto was not rising to the bait. He had the soothing voice of his husband in his head helping him keep his cool.

“Not long now babe, we are almost there. You need to try and push him towards the walkway in front of the carousel; do you think you can do that?”

“Jack, of course I can. Just slowly slowly catchy monkey!”

“You and your Agatha Christie lines! That is so sexy!”

“You think Agatha Christie is sexy?”

“No I think my gorgeous Welshman and his never-ending list of quotes is very sexy!”

“Can’t you two stop for just one minute? Seriously?” The Doctor interjected.

“Sorry but you know what he does to me!”

“Come on focus! We are nearly there! Ianto, just a bit more, edge towards your left slightly. The Tardis is right behind him.”

“Right, OK!”

“You seem quiet Mr. Jones. What nothing to say? Just mulling over what I have done to your Captain eh? To that firm body? Those firm and perfectly formed cheeks; many a time have I sunk my face into that perfect ass and just couldn’t help myself. I mean they are just crying out to have teeth sunk into them!”

Ianto shuddered at the thought of Jack being put through such pain.

“Babe, just think of you and me; think of your face there, giving those gorgeous gentle kisses and loving nips before your tongue seeks out its treasure. Don’t focus on his lies and venom, just focus on us.”

“Well the problem with that is that you have to get Jack chained up in order to do that to him. You can’t get him to do it willingly. You have to rape and abuse him to get attention. But that is you all over isn’t it; you cause hurt and fear in order to get what you want because there is nobody out there that wants you enough to come willingly.

You know you could never be worthy of Jack. He would never want someone like you because you are everything he is not. You are evil personified whereas he, in his dashing coat, is the iconic hero and let’s face it, you wouldn’t stand a chance. You are the permanent wallflower in the world. That speaks volumes!”

“He will want me! Once he no longer has you, he will see that I am the only one he should be with! Then he will be mine!”

“Is this what this is all about? You want Jack? Why? I thought you said he was a freak! You don’t make sense.”

“He is a freak, but I want him under my control. He is a magnificent specimen and I enjoy him and one day he will see that being with me is the way to go.”

“But what about the Doctor?”

With the mention of that name, the Master stopped in his tracks; his face creasing with anger.

“What about him? Why would you even mention him?”

“I thought you loved the Doctor? You were boys together, grew up together on Gallifrey. I would have thought he would be the one you would want to spend your life with.”

“Why would you think that? How can you even speak of him?”

“Why not? You loved him... love him. Why can’t you admit it?”

“I don’t! I hate him! He is a monster! He is not who you think he is. I could tell you a thing or two about your beloved Doctor! You put him up there on a pedestal; you all worship him like he is some God but he isn’t! All this crap about being non-violent! The man is a hypocrite!”

“He is a man who has evolved over the centuries who was born as one being but has become the man he is today. Deep down he is a good man; maybe somewhat misguided at times, but he is good. If you were honest with yourself you would recognise that in him.

I know you two stood together, fought together in your youth and you both had to resort to the most desperate and deplorable measures to fight against the Daleks. That fight was so bad that he had to break his own code of non-violence to stop the return of the Time Lords. He broke that code for a valid reason. He had no choice and he has tried to make up for it ever since.”

The Master stood for a moment looking at Ianto, trying to work out how he knew these facts.

His face suddenly changed expression as one fact hit him like an express train. Why could he not read Ianto’s mind? He was telepathic; all Gallifreyans were telepathic. He reached out with his mind to sense reactions. There was nothing except one far away. He honed in on this, casting his mind over the astral plane of the Fourth Dimension crossing the galactic distance. He found Jack for an instant; but immediately the contact was switched off.

“You think you are all so clever don’t you?”

“I am not sure what you mean.”

“You are being protected. You are here. Jack is not here; he is a long way away, probably on Mika4. So the Doctor is here to protect you. Don’t you understand Mr. Jones there is nothing that can protect you now. NOTHING! I am invincible! I’m...”

Suddenly on cue, the Master was yanked into the TARDIS at the same time as each of the soldiers protecting the Master was deactivated.

The Doctor quickly injected the Master with a strong sedative. As he fell to the ground, Jack and the Doctor picked him up and took him to the room that had been set aside for his arrival. It was completely stark of furniture except for a small bed that was welded to the floor. The mattress contained a substance similar to Down but was organically made and covered with a fabric that could not be torn or damaged and was fire proof. It was a fabric from the 25th century made with prisoners in mind. Centuries of escalating riots had necessitated its invention. They laid him on the mattress, took off his jacket and shoes and anything he could use to self-harm. They then made a hasty retreat. The Doctor programmed the room into lockdown. Nobody could get in or out. The room was at the perfect temperature so he would not need any coverings.

Meanwhile Ianto had made tea for the Doctor and a special blend of coffee for Jack and himself. He joined them in the main area of the TARDIS.

“How is he?” Ianto asked.

“Out cold, for the moment,” Jack said.

“We have about an hour at the most. We will have to work quickly to facilitate the procedures,” the Doctor added.

“Not a problem,” said a voice from behind them.

As they turned to see their visitor, Ianto could not help but smile. Their three new little helpers stood before them, all still dressed immaculately in their Pantomime attire.

“Thank you Owen,” said the Doctor.

“What do you need us to do?” asked Rhys.

“Well...” the Doctor started.


As the Master awoke, he realised he felt better than he had in a long time. However the feeling did not last long as he opened his eyes to a vision of...? He closed his eyes quickly. He opened them again; the vision was still there. He spent the next five minutes opening and closing his eyes trying to erase what stood before him.

“We can stand here all bleedin’ day if yer want! We ain’t going nowhere, so stop all this fucking nonsense OK?”

“Who are you? What do you want?” the Master asked.

“Who are we? That’s easy! Your worst bleedin’ nightmare!”

“What do we want? You!”

“Me? What are you going to do with me?”

“Oh mate! You have no idea! This is payback! You have hurt our friend and his family and nobody, but nobody does that and gets away with it. You are SO fucked, you have no idea!”

“You can’t hurt me! Do you know who you are dealing with?”

“Do you?”

“You come near me you ... you freaks and I will kill you, one by one!”

“Bit late there mate!”

“Oh yeah, definitely one step ahead of you there!”

“What do you mean?” The Master didn’t understand.

“You can’t kill someone if they are already dead!”

“Oh! So you are ghosts! That’s crap, I don’t believe in ghosts!”

“Guess what? Within the hour we will have changed your mind!”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Do you remember what you put Jack through? It is about time you experienced everything you did to him!”

“You can’t kill me! I can’t die! Don’t you know anything about Time Lords?”

“That’s the point; we know everything about Time Lords. We know that you can regenerate 13 times and you are on regeneration number 4.”

“So that gives us 9 gifts of the pleasure of making you feel exactly what Jack felt and then you can feel it all over again!” Andy was enjoying this. He knew he shouldn’t because it went against the grain of his and Jake’s feeling towards humanity. But this one was a piece of work and in his book after everything he had put Ianto and Jack through, well all bets were off!

The Master sat huddled on his bed, wide eyed and shaking. For the first time in a very long time, he was frightened. He suddenly lunged forward trying to grab Owen by the throat. Owen merely disappeared and manifested in another part of the room.

“Jesus H, are you that stupid? Did you not hear anything we said? What a fucking moron!” Owen spat. As the Master lay sprawled on the floor, Owen took the advantage of kicking him in the mouth, blood and teeth spurting everywhere.

They then chained him to the manacles that had appeared on the wall. The TARDIS had thought of everything. Although Time Lords normally came under her protection, this was one who would be the exception to the rule.

Ianto closed the door to their break room; the screams were filling the ship. He walked over to the computerised panel on the wall and programmed the ship to silent mode. The Doctor sat with his hands in his head.

“Look I know this goes against every fibre of your being, but you do understand don’t you?”

The Doctor looked at him.

“Why we have to do this?”

The Doctor nodded; the shame of what was happening weighing heavily upon him.

Jack placed his hand on the Doctors shoulder. “You must not blame yourself for this. You cannot take on his psychosis and that is what it is.”

“In which case you are saying the man is ill, so how can you condone torturing a man who is obviously mentally ill?”

“Because it goes beyond that. He is just not ill or mentally ill, if that is how you want to dress it up. He is pure evil and we have to take him to the very limit, to the last possible moment whereby he can redeem himself.”

“How does one define evil? What is it that takes a person over the edge from being mentally deranged to being evil? Is there such a process or do societies choose titles to wrap things up to explain away what they are doing? Are we no better than he is? Is what we are doing not the same as he dished out?” The Doctor stood up and started pacing the floor.

He stopped and looked at them both.

“You know he wasn’t always like this. When we were children on Gallifrey. You know when I was a little boy; we used to live in a house that was perched halfway up the top of a mountain. One day, I ran down that mountain and I found that the rocks weren't grey at all - but they were red, brown and purple and gold. And those pathetic little patches of sludgy snow were shining white. Shining white in the sunlight; it was breathtaking.

We would spend hours together amongst those rocks and then we would look in the sky to see Gallifrey's second sun which would rise in the south and look towards the mountains, with their fields of deep red grass, capped with snow, that would shine, with the silver-leafed trees looking like a forest on fire in the mornings, so burnt orange was the sky. My father's land had red grass and it stretched across the slopes of Mount Perdition; it was beautiful, quite beautiful.”

The Doctor stood completely still, his eyes darting with excitement as he remembered his childhood with his friend.

“When we were 8 years old, we had a ceremony which initiated us into the Time Lord Academy. I think it was then that he started to change. He suddenly wasn’t that carefree boy anymore.”

“Why didn’t it affect you? What was different?” Ianto asked.

“I don’t know. It was hard. The Academy demanded excellence from its students; failure wasn’t an option.”

“Much the same as the Time Agency then!” Jack said sadly. “They take young men and women who have open minds and hearts and turn them into castrated war machines. They tell you to take no prisoners; which is the same rule they follow. There is no failure.”

Ianto clasped Jacks hand as the feeling of sadness and anguish washed over him. Through their newly made contact he sent love and understanding.

“Thinking back, he didn’t have a chance. You know somewhere on Gallifrey is a portal known as the Untempered Schism, which is a gap in the fabric of reality. Eight-year-old Gallifreyans are brought before the Schism and made to look into the Time Vortex as part of this initiation ceremony into the Time Lord Academy. Some are inspired, some run away, and some are driven mad.”

What happens to those who don’t make it?” Ianto asked.

The Doctor shook his head in despair.

“Outside the city lie wastelands, where Outsiders live in less technological tribal communities. These were the Gallifreyans who have dropped out of Time Lord Society. The wastes of Gallifrey included the Death Zone, which was an area that was used as a gladiatorial arena by the first Time Lords, pitting various species kidnapped from their respective time zones against each other. It was so animalistic, so violent. How does society let that happen in their own back yard?”

“Look around you today Doctor, even in the 21st century, it is still happening. Whether it is the tribal wars of a so-called Third World country to that of the financial City tribes who regularly destroy the lives of ordinary people on a daily basis. Whichever umbrella it hides under, society hasn’t learned a thing and it never will. It will always be the survival of the fittest!” Ianto said.

“That is very sad.” The Doctor sighed.

“The Master said that you had gone against your rule of non-violence,” Ianto said. “What happened?”

“The Daleks happened!”

“Then you can’t blame yourself,” Jack defiantly said.

“I don’t actually. You know where the Daleks are concerned, you have to do anything and I mean anything to beat them because they do not have the human capacity to show mercy. They see nothing but destruction.”

“Exterminate!” Ianto mimicked.

Jack gently slapped the back of Ianto’s hand and shook his head. He smiled how easily Ianto could lift a dark situation.

The Doctor pointed his finger at Ianto. “Stop it!” He smiled.

Ianto pretended to hang his head in shame; looking up at Jack through his long eyelashes innocently.

“Not working?” Ianto smiled.

“Not a chance!” Jack laughed.

“How did Gallifrey exist? Why did it all end so badly?” Ianto was curious.

“For that long story I need another cup of tea and you two will need more coffee!” the Doctor laughed.

As Ianto prepared their drinks he listened to the Doctor’s story.

“Gallifrey was no different to other realms. It was at the centre of an empire covering dozens of worlds and continually being extended by heroes such as Prydonius.

I told you that ancient Gallifreyans are all telepathic, which was why we had to set up our little charade. What I didn’t tell you was that we were ruled by a female cult centred on a figure called the Pythia, who controlled the population through mysticism and prophecies.”

“A female cult?” Jack grinned, “Mmmm, liking the sound of that!” He suddenly flinched as the back of his head was showered in droplets of cold water. He turned around to see Ianto washing his hands, looking innocent... as usual!

The Doctor shook his head and smiled at his two dear friends.

“Yes, well following on with the story... when the prophetic powers of the last of the Pythia failed her, Rassilion, Omega and a shadowy figure known as The Other seized power in the name of science and rationality.

When they saw what had happened, all the Pythia committed suicide and cursed Gallifrey, killing all children in their wombs and making the world sterile.”

“Wow, how awful! Those poor woman and children,” Ianto said sadly. “How did the empire survive?”

“Well, to combat this Rassilion restructured society and used genetic looms to create new generations of Gallifreyans, who emerge from the looms as fully grown adults.

It was all very precise and very clinical. Each of the Great Houses was allotted a total of forty five cousins and given a regeneration cycle of thirteen lives.

The Houses themselves were to some degree alive, in the same way TARDIS is and the furniture can move about.”

“Which House did your family come from?” Ianto was now fascinated and had momentarily forgotten what was happening in the other part of the ship.

“My family? Well, they came from the House of Lungbarrow, in the mountains of South Gallifrey. We were a bit unique from our other house cousins!”

“Unique? In what way?”

The Doctor giggled like a little boy again.

“We have...” he giggled again. “We have tummy buttons!”

They all laughed at this revelation.

“I can’t imagine not having one!” Ianto declared. “Was there a reason for this?”

“Maybe because I had a Gallifreyan father and a human mother?”

“Well that’d do it!” Ianto laughed. “After the War and Gallifrey was destroyed, the Time Lords weren’t erased from history?”

“No, not exactly. The cataclysm set up an event horizon in time that prevented anyone from entering Gallifrey's relative past or travelling from it to the present or future. The Time Lords also survived within the Matrix.”

“The Matrix? Like the movie?”

“Sort of I suppose in a roundabout way. It was downloaded into my mind during one of my previous regenerations... mmm the eighth one I think!”

“How do they get back to the real work as it were?”

“Well, their reconstruction required a sufficiently advanced computer. Gallifrey was restored, only to be destroyed again during the events of the Time War.

And now young man, I have told you more than I should and we have a matter to deal with here on board don’t we?”

Both Jack and Ianto nodded, not looking forward to what was about to come.

The three of them made their way to the room where the Master was being held. It was quiet, not a sound. The door opened and the three Dames walked out. Except they were no longer Pantomime Dames but all dressed in dark suits.

“What happened?” Jack asked motioning with his hand at their attire.

“We have reached the end of our story; you no longer need our help and we can go back to our timeline in the afterlife,” Rhys explained.

“I don’t know what I would have done without you all,” Jack said as he warmly hugged each of them, tears freely falling.

“Any time mate,” Owen said, “you know we will always be here for you and Ianto, always.”

“Thank you Owen,” Ianto said hugging his best friend. He was sad to see him to go. He had forgotten how much he liked having him around, bad temper as well!

“Well it won’t be forever,” Andy said. “We will be back in the future when you need us again, though hopefully in different costumes. I can’t tell you how much my feet are killing me!”

“Fuck yeah!” Owen grumbled.

“Never again mate, never again! Not even for a laugh will you get me in high heeled shoes!” Rhys shook his head.

Jack and Ianto watched their friends fade into the distance, and then turned to watch the vision of a broken man. The Doctor was slouched against the window as he looked at the man sitting quietly inside the room. This was a different man; albeit the same concept of body, he was different. He was broken too.”

“Do you want us to come in with you?” Jack asked.

“No, I have to do this alone,” the Doctor sadly replied. He opened the door and went in.

“Come to gloat?” the Master asked.

“Not at all my friend, not at all.”


“We used to be friends, close friends don’t you remember?”

“That seems like a lifetime ago, two young boys without a care in the universe. Do you remember the silver leaves waving above a pool of liquid gold containing singing fish? The twin suns that circled and fell in a rainbow heaven, another world in another sky?” The Master looked far away in his thoughts.

“If you’d like to come with me, I’ll show you all this - and it will be, I promise you?”

“You can’t promise me that, it is all gone. None of it exists anymore!” the Master said sadly.

“I can show it to you again I promise. Do you remember we used to collect samples of every plant and tree? All those wonderful colours; red, green, blue, bronze, silver, and some were transparent.”

The Master nodded as the Doctor continued.

“There were all those trees. The Kaden-Wood trees with their silver leaves; then there were the Maldor Trees...”

“Do you remember those Cerub Trees with their hallucinogenic truffle-flavoured nuts?” the Master suddenly asked rather excitedly.

“I remember the throbbing headaches the next morning! Oh and then there were the Magentas trees with their magnificent fruit.”

“Oh the fruit!” The Master was now bouncing in his chair. “Those Trumpberries and Lushberries!”

“And the upset stomachs from eating so many! I remember the lectures we got from my father over us being so greedy!”

“All those flowers,” the Master had drifted away in thought. “Schlenk Blossoms, Arkytior and those wonderful orchids with their red petals. “

“Do you remember anymore?” the Doctor asked sadly. This was the code phrase for Jack to start pumping the sedative gas into the room. The Doctor had taken the necessary precautions to ensure he would not be affected.

“Well, let’s see, there was that desert plant that had an incredibly rapid life cycle, what was that called? Yes I know! Madevinia Aridosa! Oh and then there was the Grockel Root! Do you remember that?”

“How could I not? Not only was it very tasty but it made the best alcohol in the world!”

“When your Dad found out; when he found our still, neither of us could sit down for a week!” the Master smiled fondly as he slowly sank into the quietness.

“Well it was just as well I had taken a good supply of Nitvil, wasn’t it? The healing properties of that plant were a life saver!”

“I know but it was so slimy, but worth it in the end!”

“Do you remember we used to go out and collect all those fungi? There were Feathergills, pogsquats, skullcaps, and Cardinal's collars and...”

“Doctor he has gone,” Jack said as he entered the room, putting his arm around his oldest friend.

The Doctor turned, his whole weight falling against Jack’s shoulders as he allowed himself to be brought into a tight hug. He stood weeping for many minutes as he took in what he was about to do.


Ianto programmed in the final codes before the drawer closed. The Master would be kept in the Tardis forever, cryogenically maintained. When he turned towards his husband, he saw the tear-stained face of the Doctor.

“It was the right thing to do,” Ianto reasoned.

“I know, it doesn’t make it any easier though,” the Doctor said quietly. “He was the last of my kind. I am all alone again.”

“You will never be alone, you know that. Ianto and I will be with you forever and so will our children. You can’t get rid of us that easily!” Jack said trying to lighten the conversation.

“I know! For my sins! What did I do to deserve this?” the Doctor laughed.

“You deserve to have people around you that love you and you know Jack and I AND the children love you very much. Speaking of which, there are twins about to be born so we have an appointment to keep!”

“Well then! Allons-y!” the Doctor jumped up and down excitedly. The prospect of more Godchildren warmed his hearts to the cores.



When Jack awoke, he was pleased he was not in chains, but in his very comfortable bed. It was over, he thought to himself. He suddenly became sad as he realised that this self, this Jack of here and now would soon come to an end.

“Don’t be sad Jack!” a little voice said to him.

Jack sat up abruptly. He rubbed his eyes. This was not a Pantomime Dame. Thank God he said to himself, this was NOT another Pantomime Dame. There were only so many massive boobs and huge asses a man could take! Oh grief all those wrinkly stockings and big shoes. Jack shuddered.

“Jack, are you comparing me to those three Dames?” the voice asked.

“What? Of course not! You are beautiful, I mean so beautiful, but then you always were.” Jack looked dreamily at his uninvited but most welcome guest.

“Thank you Jack. I must say I love this outfit. From right when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a fairy and here I am!”

“And here you are! Beautiful quite beautiful!”

“So you said! Now come on out of bed we have places to be!”

“We do?”

“Yes Jack, we do!”

Jack leapt out of bed before realising he was naked. He looked at the beautiful fairy at the foot of the bed and shrugged his shoulders before wiggling his bum as he stepped into the shower room. He heard her giggling as he closed the door. Just before he completely closed it he quickly opened it...

“Yes it is gorgeous isn’t it? Ianto loves to sink his teeth into it! He says my bum is as soft as any of the babies he has held!”

“You are completely incorrigible Jack! Get in there,” she said waving her wand at him, showering him in fairy dust.

Ten minutes later, Jack emerged freshly washed and in clean clothes; his grey coat flapping as he came back into the room.

“So where are we going?” he asked his fairy friend.

“Well you have dealt with your past and present, now we need to show you your future,” she said.

“Is that allowed?” he asked.

“Of course it is Jack. I am the Good Fairy so if I say it is alright, it is alright!”

Jack held up his hands in submission. “OK, lead on then!”

The Fairy held out her hand, which Jack quickly grasped and together they fell away into the future.

They were immediately transported to the delivery room on Mika4. Jack laughed as he saw himself in one of his moods; not one of his better moments, but one poor Ianto had become accustomed to over the years of Jack bearing children.

Nurses in pristine uniforms were rushing all over the place in the hope of finding a fast working sedative for their ‘vocal’ patient.

Jack lay on the birthing table, occasionally gripping his stomach in pain. As Ianto came through the door, the barrage began...

“So you decided to turn up did you? You bastard! This is all your fault! You did this to me! If you hadn’t stuck that thing of yours inside me I wouldn’t be in this amount of pain. If you think you are going to do that to me again you have another thing coming!” Jack was ranting.

“Oh Cariad, have the contractions just started?” Ianto moved swiftly to the bed fully conversant of what was to come.

“Just started? JUST started? You make it sound like a piece of music has just started! If you mean the fucking bastard amount of fucking pain I am in because you and that dick decided to...” Jack suddenly went quiet as he fell into a nap.

Ianto looked at the small nurse standing on a stool by the side of the bed, injection gun in hand. She smiled sweetly at Ianto and nodded to him appreciatively.

“I returned recently from a trip to the 21st century and I think the phrase that might explain my actions is... errm... how did it go? Oh yes! He was doing my head in!” With that she jumped off the stool and left the room.

Ianto looked at River who had been in the room the whole time and together they burst into laughter Ianto shook his head in disbelief as he gently stroked and soothed his husband’s head.

“Bet you could do with a few of those guns?” River said mischievously.

“A few? A shit load would be good!” Ianto and River giggled together as the children were brought in. Ianto rushed over to them as they all cried out “Tad!” Picking up his 8 year old daughter Meredith in his arms, he gave them all a big group hug.

“Helo 'm 'n aruthr blant! Fethais 'ch iawn lawer!”

“We missed you too Tad, very much!” said the eldest, Gwynneth.

“Yeah, we did too!” Rhys and Owen said together.

Meredith nuzzled her nose into Ianto’s neck.

“What about you Cariad?” Ianto asked her. “Did you miss you old Tad?”

Meredith nodded so much, Ianto thought her head might fall off! He kissed her forehead and walked with them to where their Dad was sleeping.

“Knocked him out, did they?” Gwynneth said matter-of-factly. As she smiled the gap in her two front teeth became evident. That never ceased to amaze Ianto, because in every way she looked like him, from her dark hair, blue eyes and her button nose but that one thing did not relate to either Jack nor him. It was like Gwen was up there putting her stamp of approval on his little girl.

“Yes. Nurse said he was ... and I quote... doing her head in!”

“God I know what she meant! He has been a right pain in the arse whilst you have been away!” Gwynneth’s Welsh accent bounding through.

“Gwynny! How can you say that about your father?” River said pretending to be shocked.

“What? You said it yourself! Never stopped complaining. Everything was wrong. Coffee not like Tad’s! Eggs over easy not like Tad’s! Jesus, even the bath water wasn’t the right temperature!”

“Gwynny!” Ianto chided, pressing a kiss into his somewhat frazzled daughter’s hair.

“I know he can be difficult!” Ianto reasoned.

“Difficult?” Owen started. “He is like a bear with a bleedin’ hot poker up his arse!” Owen stopped not realising how those words came out of his mouth.

“Yes, a right pain in the arse he is too!” Rhys continued in his strongest Welsh accent. He too stood shocked at what he had just said.

Ianto looked upwards, shaking his head. He smiled and said “Seriously?” He would swear he heard laughter in the distance.

“Well kids, I am here now and your Dad is about to wake up in a moment. We have two beautiful babes to deliver!”

“Yay!” Meredith clapped her hands together as Ianto handed her to River.

“Come on guys, let’s leave your Dads in peace and go and get some ice cream!”

River leant over and kissed Ianto on the cheek. “Call me when you need us back OK?”

“Will do and thank you River.”

“You look tired, but I am guessing you sorted it all out?”

“Yes, I will spill all later over a glass of wine... a very large one!”

“You’re on!”

As River and the children left the room, Ianto went to sit by his husband. There was a flannel in ice cold water which he rung out and slowly wiped Jack’s brow.

“Oh Cariad, we beat him, the Master. You went through so much but we did it. I love you so much Cariad and now we are going to have our babies.”

Jack gradually woke up to the sound of his husband singing a soothing lullabye.


“Yes Cariad, I am here.”

“What happened? One minute you were there in front of me and then... that nurse! She stuck me with a sedative!”

“Yes Cariad.”

“How could she do that to me?” Jack was weeping, his hormones all over the place.

“You were doing her head in Cariad,” Ianto said quietly.

“Was I?” Jack wept as Ianto wiped the tears away with the cold cloth.

“Yes Cariad.”

“How do you put up with me babe?”

“Sometimes it is a struggle,” Ianto said completely straight-faced.

Jack looked at him and narrowed his eyes.

“I’m a struggle? Look at me I’m a huge beached whale! The biggest beached whale in the Universe!”

“But the most beautiful and gorgeous, not to mention very sexy!” Ianto said as he drew Jack into a deep kiss. By now he knew exactly how to deal with Jack in these situations. Jack was moaning softly into the kiss.

When they broke apart, Ianto said...

“Ready for our babies?”

Jack nodded and smiled as he hugged his somewhat huge tummy. “Always!” he said.

Jack and the Fairy stood on looking at the scene as it evolved with the final scene of two beautiful new babies being held in the Daddies’ arms. The children rushed in to see their new siblings.

“Oh look, they are so gorgeous!” Gwynneth cooed.

“There is no doubt, but you two make the most beautiful babies!” River smiled as she gently stroked the newborn’s cheek.

“Names? Have you decided on the names?”River asked.

“Yes,” Ianto answered. “Meet our new son Daffyd!” he said as he tipped the baby gently upwards to show the group.

“And this is our new daughter, Carys Anwen!” Jack said mimicking Ianto’s actions.

“Our little beloved!” Gwynneth said, immediately knowing the meaning of her sister's name. “Can I hold her?”

Jack nodded and passed his newest daughter to his eldest.

“Can we hold our brother?” Owen asked excitedly?

“Of course,” Ianto agreed. “Why don’t you two go and sit on that sofa and you can hold him together?”

“See Jack, another happy ending and I promise you and Ianto will have many more over the coming millenia,” the Good Fairy said.

“What is going to happen to me? Is that it?” Jack asked sadly anticipating the answer.

“Ah well, I have had a thought about that,” the Good Fairy said as she waved her magic wand.

When he opened his eyes, Jack realised that they were standing in some sort of hospital or medical centre at least.

He watched as a cat-like humanoid was attending to what seemed to be a sleeping face. She was singing songs from long ago. As she sang she placed her hand on the glass sending her energy to the living being.

Jack looked at Rose, his Good Fairy. “I don’t understand,” he said.

“Just wait a second. It will all become clear.” She told him.

As they watched the scene play out, a familiar face came through the door.

He placed his hand on the glass and the sleeping face gently awoke.

“Thank you Novice Hame,” the familiar voice said. “I will stay with him now”

Novice Hame bowed and left the room.

“Hello Cariad, did you rest well?”

“Hello my love, I missed you. Did you sort the children’s problem out?”

“Oh yes. Even children with the longevity of ours still find a way to squabble! But I sorted it out in the end! Gwynneth tried to put her foot down but in the end Daffyd saved the day!”

“Thanks to their Tad, no doubt!”

“No doubt!”

“How are you feeling Cariad? Can I get you anything?”

“I am a little tired, but can you read to me? You know what those Welsh vowels do to me still?”

“Even after five billion years together, is their no end to your labido?”

“Not where my wonderful Welsh husband is concerned!”

Jack and Rose watched as Ianto read a few chapters of their favourite book.

“I still don’t understand what I am doing here,” he said to Rose.

“Well, I didn’t want you to just go back into oblivion. You realise that the Face behind the glass is you; you have become the Face of Boe. And as much as Ianto loves you, would spend every breathing moment with you, he needs you.”

Jack looked at Rose still not quite comprehending her line of thought.

“He needs a physical you.”

“Oh right, I see.”

“The Face of Boe does not have much longer to live and Ianto is still going to be immortal as are your many many children. In your present state, you are still immortal, so I was thinking that maybe you would like to come and keep this Ianto company; help him through the death of Boe and continue with him on your endless journey together. What do you think?”

“What about all that timey wimey stuff the Doctor goes on about?"

“Not a problem. You just need to keep on a perception filter if you ever come into close proximity with Boe. Apart from that you will be fine. You both will be fine. So, do you want to?”

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

“Not in this timeline but I get your drift!” Rose laughed.

“So, my Prince Charming,” Rose said as she waved her magic fairy wand. “I bring you and Ianto a lifetime of love and continual happiness forever into eternity.”

“Thank you. Before I go, you know I really loved you. You do know that don’t you?”

“Yes Jack of course I do. But I also know it was a love that was completely different to the love you have for Ianto. That is a love dreams are made of; one that comes along maybe once in a lifetime. Take care of each other, love each other and be happy, you both deserve it.”

Jack leant over and kissed Rose’s cheek, before she waved her wand again and he disappeared from in front of her to the scene outside the hospital as Ianto was leaving.

Ianto stood quite still, his heart beating furiously. The sight of his gorgeous husband before him filled him with such love and desire.

“I was hoping I would see you again,” Ianto smiled.

“Well today seemed as good a day as any!” Jack smirked.

“Yes today is a good day.” Ianto held out his hand. “Home?”

“Home.” Jack said as his grabbed Ianto’s and they walked towards their future together. Out of the corner of his eye, Jack would swear he saw fairy dust.

In the distance, the laughter of a Good Fairy could be heard, satisfied with a job well done!

Happy New Year everyone!

Pinkpolyanthus 2011

The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 6326
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Part Four


“Yes man! It’s me. I know it doesn’t look like it. I don’t know what I look like really. I mean it is not every day you wake up dressed like something the cat dragged in!”

Jack stared at Rhys, letting those wonderful Welsh vowels wash over him. As if reading his mind, Rhys stopped and pointed a warning finger at him.

“Now look here! We’ll have none of that thank you very much! None of that... that...”

“That?” Jack teased him.

“NO! None of those thoughts I could see going through your mind. I know what listening to the Welsh language does to you; Ianto told me enough stories. So you keep those thoughts for your husband!”

“Yes Rhys! So why exactly are you here?”

“I don’t know man. I mean I really don’t!” Rhys said wrapping his tongue beautifully around those Welsh r’s! It certainly had Jack quivering.

“What no idea at all? Surely there must be something?” Jack pondered.

“Nope! Nothing!” Rhys said. “So, Twpsyn put your brain back into gear and let’s work out why I am here. I know I am here to help you I just don’t know how.”

“Well Owen helped me stop Ianto and the kids getting killed in one timeline, so I think there is a possibility you are here to help me in another timeline. What do you think?” Jack asked.

“Possibly, possibly. Don’t see why not!” Rhys chuckled. “Was Owen dressed like ... this?” he asked pointing to his own attire.

“Oh yes! Blue is definitely his colour!” Jack laughed.

“So how did it end, your adventure with Owen?”

“The last thing I remember is being wrapped in Ianto’s arms,” Jack smiled.

“I had to ask didn’t I! Anything else?”

“Well that’s the thing my memories seem to be changing or rather they started to change when I was in the other timeline. As Ianto stopped the Master from taking the Queen and bringing me here, so my original memories were altered. Yet, Rhys, I am still here, still chained up so what has really changed?”

“Well as you said, Ianto stopped the Master and so neither he nor any of the kids were killed. I think it means it has moved along to a different timeline and I need to click my Dame shoes and get us there!”


“Yes I am sure! I don’t know why I am sure but I am sure. So are you ready?”


Rhys looked down at his feet; his huge feet resting in huge girl’s shoes. Well here goes nothing, he thought to himself as he clicked his heels together.

The room started to fall away as Jack and Rhys found themselves spinning endlessly through time. They landed in what appeared to be a copse in the countryside but in sight of the City. Once again when Jacked looked down, he was back dressed in his usual RAF attire.

“Well, it could have been worse,” Jack said as he stood up to brush himself down.

“Oh? How so?” Rhys asked as he adjusted his padded breasts and bustle. He picked up his handbag, opening it to retrieve his lipstick and mirror. Taking the mirror, he gave himself a quick look before repairing his smudged lipstick. “Mmm, that’s better!” he said to himself.

Jack stood staring at him.

“What?” Rhys asked rather irritably. “A girl has to look her best at all times!”

“Yes! Keyword there Rhys ... girl! As in something you are not!! I mean the red suits you; although it is more Ianto’s colour!” Jack winked at him.

“Stop that Harkness! Now focus, where are we? Do we think it is Cardiff?”

“Yeah, I think it is. Look over that way. I’d know that anywhere; that is the Bay over by Mermaid Quay. However, there are a few more buildings. I think this is probably around 25 years after we were last here. In which case this will make it around 2053; that was the year Sen took over running Torchwood. Ianto and I had decided to take a break away to raise our children. By then we had a new generation to raise; Gwynneth was about 16, her twin brothers Rhys and Owen were 14 and Meredith was 8. I had just found out I was expecting twins again.”

Jack looked at Rhys who was standing with tears in his eyes.

“What?” Jack asked, wondering what he had said to upset him.

“You named your children after me, Gwenny and Owen?”

“Of course we did and we were proud to do so. With names like those we knew they would grow into the same wonderful beings as their namesakes.”

“Thank you,” Rhys said as tears fell. He pulled out a hanky from his handbag and dabbed his eyes, then blew his nose. Taking out the mirror, he was horrified at the view in front of him.

“Oh my, would you look at that,” he said looking at Jack, who stood mesmerised at Rhys’s behaviour; he was so into his character that he was in danger of losing the plot! “Now just give me two minutes to fix this face and we will be off!”

Jack watched as Rhys took out his eye shadow and mascara, re-applying them to cover the streaks his tears had made. One more touch-up of lipstick and he was ready to go.

“What?” Rhys said. “Come on we don’t have all day!” he continued as he almost waddled away from Jack in his big shoes and bustle. Jack was biting on his fist so hard, it left teeth marks. He wanted to scream out with laughter but that would be wrong. Rhys was a Pantomime Dame and had to be taken seriously! Well as seriously as one could take a Pantomime Dame! Also Rhys was a good man; Jack remembered the countless times that he had stepped in to help out Torchwood without question, so the least Jack could do, he decided, was to give him the utmost respect... regardless of how yellow was definitely not his colour!

“I can hear you thinking from here Harkness! And you had better not be looking at my arse!” Rhys shouted as he walked ahead of Jack.

“I can promise you I was not looking at your ass. You can’t even see it under all that fabric!” Jack laughed.

Rhys stopped and turned around glaring.

“Are you saying my bum looks big in this?”

“Ahm, aah,” Jack stuttered. “No, not big at all; small, tiny even!”

“No wonder Ianto saw through all your lies! Even I can see when you are lying! Fine! I get it! I have a fat arse! I am supposed to! I am a Dame! A big fat, huge arse, dress wearing Dame!” Rhys had walked off talking to himself.

Jack ran behind him, only catching up when he had decided that Rhys had stopped berating himself.

“So what’s the plan?” Jack tentatively asked.

“I have no idea! That is your field, Superman!”

“Superman? Well yeah I would look good in those tights, but I think of myself more as Iron Man!”

“Really? I mean really? I was thinking more along the lines of Comet Queen!”


“Yeah, although Ianto’s suggestion of Captain Marvel could work too!” Rhys laughed; he hadn’t forgotten how to wind up the Captain; how to rub that overgrown ego the wrong way!

Jack stopped and stood with his hands on his hips ready to defend his comic hero status!

“Oh suck it up Batboy, suck it up!” Rhys was on a roll.

Jack jogged after Rhys mumbling to himself about nobody taking his status seriously; that he was just as much a hero as those in the comics AND he was better looking!

As they reached the City Centre, Jack thought they should head towards the Plas, where Owen and he had seen Ianto before. As they arrived, they both sat on the steps surveying their new surroundings.

They sat looking around; it was obvious nobody could see them. As Owen had previously mentioned, wearing such frivolous attire would certainly raise the odd eyebrow.

“Jack?” a young woman said as she stood in front of the pair.

“Yes? You can... Alice?” Jack was astounded; his previous partner-in-crime as it were, was now a beautiful young woman instead of the 5-year-old child he had met earlier.

“Hello Jack, how are you? I told you we would meet again,” Alice smiled warmly. “I see you have a new... companion!”

“Yes!” Jack laughed, “This is Rhys.”

“Hello Rhys, I’m Alice Morgan,” she grinned widely as she took in Rhys’s colourful presence.

“Hello Alice, are you here to help us?” Rhys asked.

“I will try Rhys. What would you like me to do?” Alice said.

“Errmm, don’t you know?” Rhys replied.

“Well, it is not as simple as that. You have to work out the plan and I will try and help you implement it,” Alice said. “So, what do you know?”

“I think we are 2053 is that right?” Jack asked.

“Yes it is. Is that important?” Alice replied.

“It was the year when our eldest daughter Serena, Sen, took over running Torchwood from Ianto and I,” Jack explained. “I also think that is of great significance that our younger set of children is more or less exactly the same age as those you helped us save before.

I have given it a great deal of thought; thought about nothing else actually and I think he will try and take the younger children. Franklyn runs Torchwood US and both Iefan and Meagan are field Doctors.

Anyway given the older childrens’... errmm... condition...”

“Condition? What condition?” Rhys asked.

“They are all immortal like you and Ianto aren’t they?” Alice said.

“Yes how you did...?” Jack looked at Alice in awe; how this young woman had entered his life, of course she would know their secret, why wouldn’t she?

“I know Jack, but what about the younger children?” Alice asked.

“We were waiting for the Doctor to visit his Godchildren and then he would take the necessary steps to protect them,” Jack explained.

“I thought the Doctor was dead against you being immortal; that he thought you were wrong? I am sure that was what Ianto was ranting about one day when I had to hold him back from punching the Doctor out!” Rhys laughed as he remembered how angry Ianto had been that day. It had been soon after Jack had returned from helping the Doctor save the world... again.

“Ianto was going to do that?” Jack smiled. “That’s my gorgeous boy. It wasn’t intentional that the older children became immortal. We were taking a trip on the TARDIS with the Doctor because he wanted to show the children the Planet Disney with a stop for us later on Planet Vegas. When we got to Vegas, there was a sort of incident where the children could have gotten hurt by some local gang warfare and the TARDIS took it into her own hands to make sure the children would be forever safe and put them through the vortex.”

“What did the kids think about that?” Rhys asked, seriously questioning the actions of TARDIS.

“At first they thought it was cool as they would be different to their friends and then as they got older they realised the amount of good they could do for the whole world, which is why they all set about working to make it a better place in their own ways. Franklyn and Sen were always going to be the warriors, the same as Iefan and Meagan were the world’s Healers. Meagan has made it her life’s work to find a cure for cancer and AIDS, travelling with her Godfather to as many planets as they can to find the ultimate cure.”

Jack and Ianto were so proud of all their children but the eldest four at times just took their breath away with the depth of their humanity.

“So, which one will help stop the Master?” Rhys asked.

“Oh, if we are in Cardiff, then that has to be Sen. I can’t imagine why we would have been brought here otherwise,” Jack replied.

“I agree,” Alice said. “So, I am guessing I need to find her and explain the situation to her. Are there any protocols I should mention? Or passwords? “

“Well ironically, we never bothered to change the crucial protocols or passwords because at the end of the day, the only ones involved in that level of event would be one of the children, Ianto, me or a Monarch. Torchwood is still only answerable to whoever is on the throne of England,” Jack explained.

“So, Protocol plus one and codeword Martha?” Alice smiled.

“Good memory!” Jack laughed. “Torchwood could use you!”

“One day you will,” Alice replied as she started walking towards the water tower. She knew if she timed it exactly right, Serena Harkness-Jones, Leader of Torchwood 3, would be coming out of the Torchwood building anytime now. No longer did Torchwood hide behind a Tourist Office facade. Nowadays they preferred to show the world exactly what they could do. Right the other side of the water tower was a new multi storey building that housed the organisation with the name TORCHWOOD in huge granite letters right above the front entrance.

As if on cue, as soon as Alice reached the entrance, Serena came out.

“Excuse me, Miss Harkness-Jones” Alice called out.

Serena turned to face whoever had called her, instinctively placing her hand on her gun.

Alice waved at her and signalled there was nothing to worry about.

“I have a message for you Serena, from Jack,” she told her.

“Jack? I don’t understand,” Serena said.

“This Jack is not from this timeline, he has come to warn you about the Master. It is a repeat of what happened 25 years ago,” Alice explained.

As soon as she mentioned the Master, she saw Serena’s stance change.

“Who are you exactly?” Serena asked.

“I am Alice Morgan. I’m...” Alice began.

“You’re that 5-year-old that saved us before. I know all about you Alice. Tad never stopped talking about you. I am in your debt. You saved my family. What do you want me to do?”

“You will need your perception filter. Do you have it with you?

“Since that day, Tad made us all carry them always. He said we could never take the chance of not being able to see anyone who had crossed-over as it were. It could work both for or against us, but either way it was better to know who was there.”

“Your Tad is a very wise man. Jack and Rhys are over there on the steps.”

“Rhys? Rhys Williams is with Dad?” Serena was surprised at hearing that name after such a long time.

“Yes and there is something you should know before you physically see him.”

“Oh and what is that?”

“Well before I tell you, may I suggest you turn and face away from the steps because that way when you go into hysterics, which you will, you are your father’s daughter after all... well at least Rhys won’t see your reaction.”

“Is it that bad?”

“Worse! Far worse than you can even imagine!”

Alice proceeded to tell Serena about Rhys’s present dress code and true to form, she almost fell to the floor with laughter.

“Cachu!” Rhys said. “She’s only bloody gone and told Sen about the dress hasn’t she?”

“I’m getting déjà-vu here! When Alice told Ianto about Owen’s get-up he was practically rolling around the floor in hysterics! So, on the whole, in comparison, Sen is holding up quite well really.”

“She is holding onto Alice’s shoulder to keep herself from falling over! How is that holding it up well?”

“Well, she isn’t on the floor... yet... so that’s a positive!” Jack tried to reason, hoping that his daughter wouldn’t do a Ianto – as it was known as! “Look, it seems like they are coming over! Nope, false alarm, she’s gone again!”

Ten minutes later, Serena and Alice walked over to where Jack and Rhys were still sitting. As she placed the perception filter over her head, Serena kept repeating a mantra of “dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies”, in the hope she could be serious in front of Rhys. She might as well not have bothered with the mantra because as soon as she set eyes on Rhys’s costume, she sat down on the steps, rolling around screaming with laughter.

“Seriously?” Rhys griped.

“She’ll get over it, give her a few minutes!” Jack said.

... “A few minutes you said,” Rhys complained as he watched Serena completely losing it.

“Well, ten at most,” Jack hoped.

... “It’s been twenty fucking minutes and she is still laughing. I mean she didn’t even stop when one of Heddlu’s finest came to ask if she was alright!”

“She’ll be fine, it’s just shock!” Jack reasoned.

Alice had brought them coffee from the new Starbucks on the Plas. They might as well take a break until Serena gets over it, she had explained.

“Get over herself more like!” Rhys had griped as he went to fix his lipstick for the third time. Serena’s sudden outburst had made him feel rather vulnerable.

Finally, Serena calmed down and wiped the tears from her eyes. Her whole stomach ached from the intensity of her laughter; she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt such freedom in finding that amount of joy. It was a great feeling; one she decided to hold on to! She and her partner Penny had always had lots of fun, but it had been a long time since they had laughed with such abandon. Her heart twinged with sadness as she remembered how quickly she had lost Penny whilst out on a mission. From now on, that was going to change!

Placing her coffee on the ground, Serena leant over and hugged Rhys tightly.

“Please forgive me Rhys. I am not normally like that. I mean it is not like I have never seen a Pantomime Dame before. It was Tad’s Christmas ritual to make sure we kids had our yearly dose of “he’s behind you!” Do you remember Dad?”

“I do Pumpkin! In fact, you probably won’t remember this Sen, but one year both Rhys and Gwen came with us when we saw Owen’s friend John in Robin Hood.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that too,” Rhys said, fondly remembering that wonderful day. “Both Owen and Tosh came along and so did Rhi, Johnny and the kids. What a great day that was. Owen’s friend was brilliant, such a laugh. The things he came out with went right over the kids’ heads! The adults were screaming with laughter! He was a great actor and performer. His partner was nice too if I remember right?”

“Oh yeah, Scott; he was a really good guy. Must have the patience of a saint to put up with all that flirting John did!” Jack said.

“Like Ianto has to with you then!” Rhys retorted.

“I’m not that bad” Jack protested.

“You’re kidding right? If it has a pulse you flirt with it and sometimes it doesn’t even need to have a pulse!” Rhys teased.

“I am not that bad!” Jack complained. “Anyway Ianto knows that he is the only one I am in love with now, will always be in love with and in whose bed I will only be. Much the same as John and Scott I shouldn’t wonder!”

“Tad knows how much you love him!” Serena said.

“Thank you! Now, do I get a hug too please?”

“Of course you do, whichever you, you are!” Serena stood up and pulled her father into her arms. “Now why are you here and how can I help?”

They decided to pick up some more coffees and head down to the seats where the water taxis still came in. As they walked Jack explained in detail what had happened 25 years ago and what his fears were for his visit back to Earth that day.

“You really think he will try and take the kids?” Serena asked.

“I have no doubts about that. He wants revenge for me and your Tad stopping him all those years ago.”

“But why now? What is so special about right now?” Alice asked.

“Well it is the year that Ianto and I retired from Torchwood. We decided that we wanted to take time out to be with the younger children. We felt that Torchwood had got in the way of us being with the older children as they were growing up through their teenage years. I mean we had spent the first 11 years of their lives on Galaxy 5 without fear or worry, but as soon as we came back to Earth, that all changed with the war against Rassilon.”

“That was hardly your fault Dad; don’t be so hard on yourself!” Serena said as she planted a kiss on her father’s cheek.

“OK, so you and Ianto have retired? What else?” Alice continued.

“Well, we had been packing up our things, planning on returning to Galaxy 5 for a few years. I was pregnant with twins and the pregnancy wasn’t going as well as it could have, so we decided to delay our departure until I got the all-clear. I suppose at this moment in time, it would have been about two months away until I gave birth.”

“Did anything else happen?” Rhys asked. “Was there anything that the Master would want to do here?”

Jack held his head in his hands, frantically trying to think through this period of time. There was something in the back of his mind that was worrying him but he just couldn’t remember what it was. As before he went through everything step by step thinking about where he and Ianto would be right at this minute. Well, that was easy if they weren’t at the Hub anymore then they would be at their house. Why was the house so important? No, it wasn’t the house; it was something that happened in the house. He jumped up, suddenly remembering an incident.

“What is it Dad?” Serena asked.

“I know what happened today. I just don’t see what relevance it holds for the Master,” Jack said excitedly.

“What is it?” Alice asked.

“Ianto and I were packing our stuff that we were taking back to Galaxy 5. He had been mollycoddling me as usual, because of the pregnancy...” Jack started.

“You mean Tad had been trying to get you to act sensibly?” Serena added, giving her father that knowing look.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever!” Jack felt rather ashamed that he was belittling his husband’s wonderful care and attention he had given him right through all the pregnancies. “Anyway, OK... Serena... I put my hands up to this... I was being a dick...”

“So, no change there then!” Rhys quipped. Jack glared at him. “What? Just saying!”

“Yes, right,” Jack continued. “I was supposed to have been taking it easy. Ianto had left a few boxes upstairs and I decided I had to help him take them downstairs, even though he had told me not to. As I was walking down the stairs, I slipped and fell and landed badly at the bottom of the stairs.”

“Were you alright? Were the babies alright?” Serena asked anxiously.

“Yes, eventually, thanks to your Godfather. Ianto phoned him and he got here straight away. I went into the Tardis where they got the damage to the uterus sack repaired and I went to full term. It was touch and go, but your Godfather is a genius in these sorts of things. He took us to Planet Mika4 where they have the best medical care and advancements in the Universe.”

“So it all turned out alright then. In which case, I am not sure I understand its significance,” Rhys said as he contemplated what Jack had told them.

“No, nor do I. But it obviously is significant because we have arrived here today,” Jack replied.

Serena started to pace; it was pacing that helped her arrange her best thoughts.

“So you were pregnant. You had an accident. You nearly lost the babies. Tad called the Doctor. You went to Mika4. Everything was OK.”

Jack started to pace too; it was a family trait. He went over the pieces again in his mind trying to fit them together.

“Wooo... back up a minute!” Jack suddenly exclaimed.

“What?” Serena looked puzzled.

“I was OK because the Doctor saved me,” Jack said.

Serena and the others still looked puzzled.

“The... Doctor...” Jack said slowly.

“Oh my God!” Serena screamed. “Unker is in danger!”

Jack smiled at the childhood nickname Serena still used for her Godfather.

Serena immediately opened her phone and dialled her father.

“Tad! Codeword Martha!” she shouted at him.

“OK Sen, what is the Protocol?” Ianto’s voice could be heard at the other end of the phone.

“The only protocol is to stop that fucking moron of a father from carrying boxes downstairs and end up falling on his fat arse!” she shouted.

“Fuck!” Ianto shouted before the line went dead.

“So do we assume the accident has been avoided?” Rhys asked.

“Yes, I think we do because my memories are starting to change again. But there is something about the Doctor that is worrying me. I still think he was the target.” Jack said.

Serena opened her phone again and dialled another number. It answered immediately.

“Sen? Everything alright?” the voice said. “I am assuming it isn’t if you are phoning me.”

“I don’t just phone you when the world is going to shit!” Serena protested and then having thought about it added, “Well, alright point taken, maybe I do. But this is different Unker I need you to get here as soon as you can.”

“OK I can do that.”

“He needs to be sure the TARDIS is hidden, not just from plain view but shrouded from radar and the like,” Jack said.

“OK, tell Jack I heard that and will do. Give me a couple of minutes. I guess that if you want the TARDIS shrouded the same goes for me too?”

“Actually, yes, that is a good idea. It is important that nobody recognises you or in particular knows you are here.”

“Right, allons-y then, see you in two!” The line went dead.

“Dad, I think we might be safer if we all went into the Hub,” Serena said, looking around her. She had suddenly felt unsafe and vulnerable.

“I think that is a very good idea,” Alice said. “And probably my cue to leave you.”

“You’re going?” Jack was shocked.

“Yes Jack, my part in this is over, but don’t worry, you will see me again. You know that my friends and I will always be here to help you,” Alice said as he gently kissed Jack on the cheek. “You all go to the Hub as quickly as you can. I will stay here and watch for the Doctor and send him to you.”

“You know the Doctor?” Jack was even more shocked at this revelation.

Alice smiled, purposely not answering. “Go now, hurry. You are about to have company,” she added indicating for them to look across the Plas. The Master could be seen standing with about half a dozen soldiers presumably discussing tactics.

Serena hugged Alice. “Thank you again for saving my family. It seems I owe you again big time! How can I ever repay you?”

“No need to thank me. It is what I am here for... to help you and Torchwood. Now go!” Alice quickly hugged Serena again and then kissed Rhys goodbye before watching them hurry to the hidden entrance at the side of Torchwood’s tall building.

As soon as they were in the main Hub, Serena set up scouring the CCTV to see what the Master was up to.

“He is still there?” Jack asked.

Serene nodded. “I don’t get it! What does he want?”

“He wants revenge. He wants me. He wants the Doctor and I am betting that also on that list is Torchwood.”

“Grief, he is a piece of work!” Rhys exclaimed.

“He is more than that; much more than that. He is extremely dangerous because he is on a mission and he doesn’t care how he gets to his endgame. People are irrelevant to him; they are just a tool, a means to an end. If his plan had worked, he would have captured the Doctor, Ianto, me and two unborn children. He would have been in his element,” Jack said sadly.

“He might not have got the Doctor, but I think you and the bubs are still on his list,” Serena said. “Look, he is heading off with some of his soldiers.”

“You could be right,” Jack said. “Ring Tad and warn him.”

Serena dialled her father’s number again, wonderful what chaos ensued at the house.

As he answered the phone, Ianto was heard to say...

“No Cariad, I don’t think you are useless... or fat!”

“Tad? Everything alright?”

“It is just your Dad having a pout. You know how much he hates sitting around doing nothing. I don’t know how you knew about the boxes situation, but your phone called certainly saved him from could have been a nasty accident!”

“But it wasn’t was it?” Jack could be heard calling out. “I was alright. I could have managed. I am not helpless!”

“No Jack, you are pregnant with our two beautiful babies who deserve to be looked after. Now sit your sorry arse right down on that sofa and I will bring you some tea and pouting like that isn’t going to make one iota of difference!” Ianto called back at him.


“Sorry sweetheart. Your Dad is driving me nuts today!” Ianto laughed as he walked towards the kitchen to make his Jack some tea. “Sen, how did you know? I mean about the accident? Do I take it you have company? Like before?”

“Yes Tad, he is here. Do you want to speak to him?”

“Yes of course, put me on speaker. Jack, you there?”

“Yes love, it’s me again!”

“You came back as before?”


“Who is with you this time?”


“Rhys? Oh God I wish I was there with you. Is he in full regalia?”

“Oh yeah and then some!”

“Shut it Harkness!” Rhys laughed.

“Rhys!” Ianto shouted. “How are you? I really miss you. Going to the Rugby with you; shouting for Wales.”

“Yeah, me too mate, me too!” Rhys said sadly.

“Sen put me on visual. I want to see them!”

“OK Tad, but you do realise that Rhys is... well... dressed up!” Serena hesitated as she chose her words carefully.

“It’s alright Sweetie, I’ll be fine. Not a problem... not a...” Ianto said right before he starting convulsing with laughter.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!” became Ianto’s mantra interspersed with “Sorry!”.

After a short while Ianto calmed down and went into business mode.

“So what do you think Sen? Are we still in danger?”

“Yes Tad I think you are; especially Dad and the bubs. I think that is now the Master’s target.”

“Right, then we need to get your Dad out of the house and out of harm’s way. I will bring him in by launch and come up through the basement tunnels.”

“OK, I will have guards meet you there with a buggy to drive you to the main Hub.”

“Right! We also need to get the kids there. Although they are spending the day with River, so they should be quite safe with her. I will warn her to keep vigilant though.”

“OK, good idea. Unker is on his way here too. Maybe you should leave with him? Get Dad to somewhere where he can give birth safely?”

“I’ll talk to him about it. Look we will be with you in about half an hour OK?”

“OK fine. See you then and Tad, please be careful,” Serena added.

“Always Sweetheart, always.”

Serena scanned the area with the CCTV to see if she could see Alice or the Doctor. What she saw rather surprised her. She moved the camera in closer and turned up the audio.

Alice saw the familiar figure heading towards her. She smiled at him. It had been a little while since they had seen each other, but it never mattered how long it was between meetings, it always felt as though it had only been yesterday.

“Hello Button!” he said as he hugged her tightly, before kissing her forehead. “And how is my little girl?”

“Oh Dad, honestly! You’d think I was still 5 years-old!”

Serena gasped; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How had she not known? Why had he not told them all? She called Jack over to look at the screen. Rhys was off making them all some tea. She pointed to the screen as she told Jack to sit down and watch.

“Don’t you Dad me young lady. It doesn’t matter how old you are, 5 or 105, or even 1000 years old, you will still be my little girl and my precious Button!”

Alice nuzzled her nose into her father’s collar, loving the feeling of security that it brought her.

“So Button, we have trouble?”

“Yes Dad, we do indeed. Big trouble with an old enemy of yours!”

“The Master?”

Alice nodded. “He is still causing huge problems for Jack and Ianto; more so for Jack because in another timeline he has him chained up. Oh Dad, he kills Jack every day, sometimes several times a day if he is bored. We have to do something please. Jack can’t go on like this.”

“I know Button. But you have to realise Jack is on a personal journey here. It is meant for a reason no matter how violent and pointless it may seem.”

“But his mind is exploding having to go through all that pain, see his husband and children be killed in front of him. Nobody should have to see that. You have to do something Dad. You can’t just sit back as usual and take it for granted that just because Jack can’t die he should suffer like this.”

“You go girl!” Serena mumbled.

“I don’t want Jack to suffer, honestly I don’t.”

“Then DO something. You know all the Master wants is you, so why don’t you face up to him instead of hiding behind Jack and Ianto. I mean it is the kids as well who will have memories of this. You can’t tell me that Serena doesn’t have memories that have been compartmentalised that if opened would let loose all those terrible moments seeing her fathers and siblings die in front of her. She deserves so much better than that Dad. She is so wonderful!” Alice blushed at her last remark, never having admitted to herself even how much she cared for Serena.

“Well Sen, I think you have an admirer!” Jack said, rubbing his hand down her arm. “It is about time Sen; Penny has been gone a little while now. Don’t you think it is time to move on? Alice is a truly gorgeous girl! You know if I were a bit younger...”

“And female... she might be interested! You’ve got Tad, don’t be greedy! You have the best man you could possible dream about and I think I might have found the best girl!” Sen quipped.

“Good girl!” Jack kissed his daughter’s forehead.

They both looked back at the monitor.

“So Button what do you suggest we do?”

“We? What can I do? It is down to you, Dad. You have to come to terms that you created a monster when you allowed the Master to live. You had your chance to get rid of him after the last battle, so now you have to be strong and man up!”

“I see you are sitting on the fence again! Why don’t you say what you mean!” the Doctor laughed at his daughter’s strong will. Just like her mother.

“Well you know me! I like plain talking! You know where you are with plain talking!”

“The only way to get him is to set a trap and I will need Jack for that and also Ianto.”

“But you can’t use Jack from this timeline! What about the babies?”

“I wasn’t going to. I was thinking of taking this Jack to Planet Mika4 straight away to stay in the hospital there to be monitored. I know he will complain but if we explain the situation to him, he will be fine. The children can go too. In fact, maybe River can go with them and stay until Ianto gets there. It is going to have to be Ianto who is the bait. We need him to draw the Master out in to the open. Get him with his guard down.”

The Doctor turned and faced the CCTV camera.

“What do you think Jack? Sen? Are you up for it? A bit of the timey wimey stuff?”

Jack and Serena jumped as the Doctor suddenly spoke to them. For a moment, they felt as though they had been caught doing something naughty, then they took on board what the Doctor was suggesting. It was going to be dangerous; but it was going to be thrilling to take down their final enemy. But could they put Ianto in such a position; would he even accept?

The Doctor smiled at the camera. “It’s a no-brainer really isn’t it? Allons-y!



The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 4557
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Part Three

Ianto held onto Jack’s hand as they descended on their hidden elevator. Above, Myfanwy was squawking her approval of their arrival.

“Hello old girl,” Jack said fondly. “Nice to see you again too!”

Ianto delved into his pockets and found some chocolate which he threw into the air; Myfanwy swooped and caught it effortlessly.

“Go sit yourselves down on the sofa and I will bring us some coffee,” Ianto said as he tried to take Jack’s coat from his shoulders.

“I want to keep my coat on,” Jack said clinging to it for dear life as though he could not bear to part from his safety blanket. “Some of your orgasmic coffee would be great Ianto, thank you.”

“No problem,” Ianto said as he rushed away to the kitchen. It was strange but before he left with the children, something had told him to prepare a new pot ready for his return. He hadn’t understood at the time, because he was supposed to have been alone all afternoon catching up on paperwork. But something deep down had given him a strange feeling. What was worrying him was that feeling had not gone away.

Ianto quickly prepared three coffees and grabbed Jack’s favourite biscuits from the cupboard. Looking at Owen, he held back a sob as he remembered it had been a long time since he had been able to prepare a special cup for his long dead friend. The nostalgia washed over him as he grabbed a different pack of biscuits hidden at the back of another cupboard.

“Right, here we are,” Ianto said as he placed the tray down on the coffee table.

Jack was sitting alone on the sofa looking so sad and lost that Ianto wanted to grab him and hug him forever.

Owen had grabbed what used to be Tosh’s chair and was happy sitting legs akimbo, pantaloons and striped stockings on display for the world and his wife!

“Owen, can we try and be a little more ladylike?” Ianto said, nodding towards Owen’s present display.

“What?” Owen said looking down. “I’m comfortable! You try wearing this get-up! What am I saying? You two would probably enjoy it! But with lacy stockings and higher heels!”

“Well I’d definitely prefer silkier stockings. Those look a little too rough on the skin!” Ianto said rather too knowledgably about the whole dressing-up thing!

Jack’s eyes started to glaze over again as he thought back to the wonderfully exciting and pleasurable nights Ianto and he had spent in role-play.

Ianto immediately put his arm around Jack’s shoulders as he handed him his coffee.

“Here, Cariad, drink this. It will make you feel a little better. Then you both need to tell me what is going on.”

As Jack sipped his coffee, Ianto rubbed soothing rings in his shoulders to try and relax him sufficiently to talk to him.

“I don’t know where to start,” Jack said.

“Well as Fraulein Maria would say, the beginning is a very good place to start!” Ianto smiled, trying to lighten the moment.

“I swear to God, if you two starting singing songs from the Sound of bloody Music...” Owen griped grabbing his favourite biscuits.

“I think you are safe from that at the moment Owen,” Ianto smirked. “Maybe later if you are a good boy!”

Owen looked horrified.

“I was captured by the Master and taken to his new ship,” Jack started.

“The New Valliant?” Ianto asked.

“You know about it?” Jack was surprised.

“You mentioned it when you were talking about the little girl who brought you food and drink,” Ianto replied.

“Aah,” Jack said. Ianto’s capacity for memorising the slightest thing never ceased to amaze him.

“When did this happen? Will it break timelines if you tell me?” Ianto asked.

“I don’t know, but I feel I must tell you because ... because...” Jack began to sob.

“Because?” Ianto tried to coax more from Jack. He looked at Owen for answers.

“I can’t tell you Ianto. I would if I could. But this has to be Jack’s own story to make a difference to the future,” Owen replied.

“OK, I can understand that,” Ianto said. He gently clasped Jack’s face, now covered in tears and forced him to look straight at him. “You need to tell me Cariad. I know it is painful. Just think of it like we tell the kids when we take off a big plaster... one big pull and it is over and done with and the pain will have gone.”

Jack smiled at his husband as he looked into those blue eyes he loved so much. He knew Ianto was right... as usual.

“When the Master takes me, he tries to break me again and when that doesn’t work, he has the children taken and brought to the ship where he kills them one by one. But not before Sen and Franklyn watch you being torn to shreds by the Toclafane,” Jack managed to finish before he began sobbing again as the memories flooded back.

“Right, exactly when does he take you?” Ianto ventured to ask.

“21st November,” Jack sobbed.

“That’s... that’s, fuck, that’s today!” Ianto said rather more loudly than he had anticipated.

“Where’s Jack?” Owen asked. “I mean your Jack from this timeline.”

“He’s in London at a UNIT meeting then he has to go to the Palace to have a meeting with the Queen and one of her new... wait a minute, since when do we not get to know about a new aide before we meet them?” Ianto was now extremely worried.

“Can you contact Jack?” Owen asked equally worried. He knew he shouldn’t be interfering with the timeline, but looking at the mental state that this Jack was now in, he realised it was going to have to be the Jack from now who was going to save the day. Grief, even he was getting confused!

“Yes, well I think so. What do I tell him though? Jack what do I tell... you?” Ianto held Jack’s face trying to coax him out of the catatonic state he was slowly moving into. Remembering what had happened to him and the children had almost certainly started the downward spiral Jack was falling into. Ianto knew he had to stop this because he needed Jack to stay with him so his Jack could be saved.

“Jack, Cariad, look at me, please,” Ianto softly whispered. “Jack, look at me Cariad.”

Jack looked up into those loving eyes and was suddenly jolted back into reality.

“Ianto! You are here! I thought I had lost you!” Jack said as he started to shake with fear. “But the Master...”

“Yes Jack, the Master. I think he is waiting for you, the now you, when you go and meet the Queen,” Ianto said.

“Yes! YES! He was there. He had given her something; she was asleep in a chair. That’s when he took me. You’ve got to stop this Ianto. Please you have got to stop it from happening,” Jack was frantic.

“Sshh Cariad. I know. Look, it is 5 o’clock. Jack... you... you are in the UNIT meeting still. All communications have been stopped. I can’t reach you by phone. I will have to time it to the exact minute you come out,” Ianto continued.

“No, that won’t work. I remember I was contacted whilst I was in the meeting. Someone brought me a note. I had to leave. That’s right the note said the Queen had to change her appointment; needed to bring it forward and that it was a matter of national security I see her straight away. I left by a side door and as soon as I was outside, I was whisked away into a car to the Palace. When I got there, he was waiting for me.”

“I don’t understand why they didn’t take you once you had left the meeting,” Owen said.

“No that does seem strange,” Ianto agreed. “Cariad, what happened when you got to the Palace? What was so important that you had to go to see the Master there?”

Jack was holding his head in his hands trying desperately to remember the scene he came upon. He shut his eyes and took himself through each step from his arrival at the Palace. He was taken by an Aide to the suite where the Queen was supposedly waiting. The Aide knocked on the door and someone called out Jack could enter. As the Aide opened the door, Jack stepped into the room. The Queen was sitting in a chair with her back to him. She was seated at a table, but she was completely still. There were papers on the desk. She had been holding a pen, because the pen was on the table right in front of her hand.

“The papers!” Jack shouted as he jumped up from the sofa. “That’s it; the Master had made her sign papers, important papers.”

“But what could be so... oh wait,” Ianto said, “well, they would be important if he forced her to sign away her rights to the throne, so that he could take over? That would work wouldn’t it?”

“Yes he could try but the Government would have to ratify her resignation. I mean it isn’t that simple,” Owen concluded.

“On the contrary, Owen,” Jack said seriously. “It is very simple, if the Master had all the Cabinet members killed. I remember now. That is what he did. Don’t forget he killed an American President before. Getting rid of a group of British Cabinet Ministers is child’s play to him.”

“Right! Got it!” Ianto said in his usual calm way. “Your wristband; I contact you through the vortex by sending you a visual message.”

“How does that work?” Owen asked not completely understanding what Ianto was saying.

“Two words! John Hart! Ring any bells?” Ianto replied.

“Oh right, of course. Is this your anything you can do I can do better to the ex then?” Owen laughed.

“Oh yeah, with bells on!” Ianto laughed. “I mean it is Christmas soon!”

“But what about the Queen, how do we stop that from happening?” Owen asked.

“I have a direct line to her personal phone. We have a secret code that allows me to tell her when she is in serious trouble. I think we just have enough time to talk to her before the Master shows up,” Ianto said before rushing over to Tosh’s computer. She may not be there anymore but it would always be her work station and computer. Only he and Jack used it. Any new employees that came to work for them would never be allowed near it, because Tosh would never be replaced; only the work that she did. Same went for the medical bay. All of Owen’s belongings and work instruments were still there; never to be touched again by anyone other than Jack or Ianto. All the new medics they had had, had been given new instruments.

As Ianto quickly keyed into the system to get into Jack’s wristband, he quickly pressed speed dial to get to speak to the Queen.

“Only you would have the Queen on speed dial! Only you! Owen laughed.

Ianto rolled his eyes in his usual way. Owen had missed that look; he suddenly felt very nostalgic and very sad that this adventure would soon be coming to an end. His pantomime appearance would no longer be needed and he would return into the darkness, which wasn’t so dark since he had found Tosh again. He realised he would have to leave. Jack needed to be able to get to the next stage of his grief. Someone else would help him through that.

“Mam, Ianto Jones.” Ianto put the call on speaker so he could continue keying in the protocol to reach Jack.

“Ianto, how nice to hear from you,” the voice said at the other end of the phone.

“Thank you. Mam, I am sorry but I have to ask. Are you alone?”

“No. Should I be?”

“Yes, please. Most definitely and as quickly as possible please.”

Ianto heard the Queen tell whoever was in the room with her to leave. After a moment, doors were heard closing.

“All clear Ianto. You know only you or that wonderful husband of yours ever gets the chance to boss me around like this! Nobody else!”

“I am honoured Mam. I like to think of it as protecting you rather than bossing you.”

“What is wrong Ianto?”

“Code Balmoral, Mam. Code Balmoral.”

“I see. Protocol?”

“Yes Mam. Protocol Plus One.”

“What procedure do you intend to put in place?”

“Already putting it in place, Mam. You should exit by Door B, take the lift down to Level 2, then take corridor to Exit 2. A car will be waiting for you. It will bring you Cardiff.”

“Are the rest of the family safe? Do they need separate Protocol?”

“Not at the moment, Mam, but when we know you are safe, I promise you I will make sure everyone else will be too.”

In the background, someone was knocking on the door in the Palace.

“Mam, you have to leave now, right now.”

“Thank you Ianto. I will leave straight away.”

“I will see you shortly Mam.”

“Yes Ianto you will.”

The line went dead.

Ianto switched on a separate monitor that showed a moving target. The Queen was following procedure.

“What about Jack? Did you contact him?” Owen asked.

“Yes, I think so. I’m just waiting...” Ianto began just as his phone rang.


“Yeah. I’m on my way to the Palace.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yep! No problem!”

“Any prisoners?”

“Nah, no worries!”

“So, you know where to pick up the package?”

“Yes babe and I will deliver the package back to Cardiff. So will be with you in two hours.”

“Jack it is a three hour drive. What am I saying? Of course it is two hours for you! Why do I bother? Just remember to keep the package safe!”

“Are you kidding me? With her onboard I might get to you in an hour! See you soon, I love you!”

“Love you too Jack, very much. Be safe!”

“Always, babe, always.”

“So we have changed the future?” Owen said.

“We have changed a version of it,” Jack said quietly.

“Why do you say that?” Ianto asked.

“Because my memories are changing; this isn’t going to change anything Ianto. It is just moving it to another day and time. Maybe a different scenario, but same ending. You and the kids still end up dead,” Jack said, tear falling freely again.

“There is a difference Jack. I know. And when you come back to Cardiff, you will know too and together we can set different procedures and protocols that will ensure our safety. He can’t win Jack. I won’t let him!” Ianto said defiantly.

“I hope you are right Ianto, but somehow... I don’t know, I am so tired,” Jack was weary from the pressures and excitement.

Ianto stood and put his arms around his husband.

“Let me take care of you Jack before you... return,” Ianto said looking at Owen for guidance.

“Maybe I could give you a massage to relax you?” Ianto suggested.

“That would be a good idea Ianto,” Owen agreed anxious to try and get Jack back into a more stable frame of mind. “I’m gonna have some more coffee and then take a wander round the Hub, for old time’s sake. You take your time OK?”

“Well, I think we have about an hour and a half at most, then you will have to go otherwise you will bump into now Jack and I don’t know what will happen then,” Ianto said. He took Jack’s hand.

“Cariad, come with me. We can go to our room. It will be quiet there.”

Jack nodded and silently went with Ianto. In reality he would have followed him to the ends of the earth, but for now a short walk to their room sounded perfect.

As soon as they got into their room, Ianto took Jack’s coat and lay in over the chair. He then proceeded to undress him, taking his time, going slowly. He didn’t want to spook Jack. Everything had to be at an acceptable pace, nothing rushed. He knelt down and unlaced Jack’s boots, before taking them and the socks beneath off. As soon as Jack was standing in his boxer shorts, Ianto led him to the bed; kissing him softly he asked him to lie down.

Whilst Jack was getting comfortable, Ianto quickly undressed down to his underwear. He went to the bedside table and took out supplies; massage oil and lube. He hoped he would need both.

Ianto moved onto the bed, straddling Jack’s hips. He leant over his husband to capture his lips in a soft kiss. Jack sighed into the kiss before running his fingers through Ianto’s hair and pulling him into a deep and passionate kiss. He continued to kiss Ianto as though his life depended upon it, which in some respects he supposed it did. He loved how his husband tasted. It was something of which he would never tire.

“Cariad, turn over,” Ianto said as soon as they broke gasping for air. “Let me take care of you. A massage will make you feel better.”

“You always make me feel better love,” Jack said stroking Ianto’s beautiful face. “Your love makes me feel better every day.”

“Well, let me help you feel even better,” Ianto smiled waggling his eyesbrows suggestively.

“Oh,” Jack sighed, “oh yeah!”

Ianto watched as his husband turned over on his front. He grabbed the massage oil and rubbed it into his hands. As soon as Jack was comfortable, he set to work massaging all the muscles in Jack’s shoulders that were so tight from stress. He magically unloosened each muscle as he worked his way right down Jack’s body; even making sure that his feet were taken care of. He could see from the way Jack was laying there that after nearly half an hour of deep massage, he was now completely relaxed. He reached across to the table and grabbed the bottle of lube, squirting some onto his fingers.

Ianto slipped his fingers down Jack’s spine and travelled all the way down until he found his treasure. He eased one finger into Jack’s opening and gently massaged inside, pushing his finger in deeper and deeper until he curved it slightly to find that hidden spot. Jack nearly bounced off the bed.

“Ssshh Cariad, relax. Breathe through it,” Ianto whispered as he inserted a second finger.

Jack was now trying to impale himself on Ianto’s fingers; he felt so good.

“Ianto, please I need you,” Jack whined.

“Not yet Jack, soon, very soon. I don’t want to hurt you. Let me prepare you a little more OK?” Ianto replied, wanting to take the best care he possibly could of his husband. He knew Jack was in a fragile state and with the massage having been so successful; he did not want to spoil things.

“Mmm’OK,” Jack mumbled; the feeling of love washing over him.

As soon as Ianto felt Jack was properly prepared, he turned his husband onto his back and placed a pillow beneath his hips.

Kissing Jack slowly, he placed Jack’s legs over his shoulders, whilst quickly lubing himself up. He gently entered Jack in one push until he was deep inside him.

“Oh God Ianto that feels so good.”

“Yes Cariad, it does. You feel so tight, so good, so right. I will never tire of this feeling love.”

“Nor me, babe, nor me.”

Jack placed his legs around Ianto’s waist locking his heel behind his back to give him more leverage.

Slowly Ianto entered inside Jack, before pulling out and thrusting in again. At the same time, he was gently kissing Jack.

“Harder Ianto, please,” Jack begged.

Ianto picked up the pace until finally he was pounding his husband as hard as he could aware that both of them were so close to their end goal.

Several minutes later, both were shouting each other’s name as they rode through their climax together. Ianto flopped onto Jack with exhaustion.

“I love you Ianto, never forget that,” Jack said as he kissed his husbands damp hair.

“Right back at you Cariad. I will love you forever,” Ianto said as they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A while later Ianto awoke in the bed alone. He could hear Jack’s voice calling for him.

“Hey Ianto, we’re back! Where are you? Lizzie could do with some of your orgasmic coffee!”

“Honestly Jack, you are incorrigible! I don’t know how Ianto puts up with you!”

“Because he loves me!”

“Well, don’t we all!”

Ianto quickly got dressed. He looked back at the bed somewhat forlornly wondering where Jack had gone. Was he safe? Was his nightmare over? Somehow that feeling that had never left him was telling him there was more to come. Worse to come, in fact. It was a feeling of impending doom and as his heart clenched, he knew there was nothing he could do about it.


Jack woke up as another bucket of cold water was being thrown over him.

“Wake up freak! You were daydreaming again. Dreaming of what might be? Well guess what... there are no happy endings here, just more nightmares!

The Master stood before him in his usual posture of hands on hips. His dress was somewhat strange, Jack thought, as he stood in knee high leather boots and leather trousers tucked into them. He wore a high necked shirt. The whole look was bordering on one of Fascism. Then Jack espied the riding crop in the Master’s hand, seconds before he felt it across his cheek. Blood poured down the side of Jack’s face, which was soon to be joined by more strikes from the whip and more blood. When his face was completely scarred, the Master decided to do the same to the rest of Jack’s body. An hour later, the Master had become bored. Jack had long since passed out from the pain he was forced to endure. Every few minutes, water had been thrown over him to wake him up to endure more. What had started out as a battle of wills had turned into a one sided blood bath.

“Did you really think that going back in time you could stop me? Who do you think you are dealing with here Jack? Mickey Mouse?”

“Well if the ears fit!” Jack jeered. His humour was repaid with more beatings.

“Nothing has changed Jack, nothing at all. Your beloved husband with that willing body and all of your children are still dead. You were still too late. So your efforts were pointless. Hope the quick shag was worth it!”

“Making love to my husband is always worth it,” Jack smiled, remembering how wonderful Ianto had been. He could still taste him, feel him. It brought tingles down his spine.

“He is dead! They are all dead!” the Master shouted.

“You know what? I don’t believe you!” Jack retorted. “Time was changed. I stopped you. Ianto stopped you. You lost. It is you who is the failure, who will always be the failure. And what you will never be able to take away from me is the love I have for my husband and children. You can do what you like to me but that love will always be in my heart!”

“Really? Well we’ll see about that!” the Master screamed as he plunged a knife into Jack’s chest and proceeded to cut out Jack’s heart. He threw it to the ground and stamped on it.

“Well they are not in your heart anymore are they?” the Master laughed hysterically and stormed out of the room.

Sometime later, Jack awoke; his chest had repaired itself as usual. His heart was in one piece and the love he felt for his family was still intact. He had pushed a nerve with the Master which had provoked the violent act. He searched his mind for Ianto; their bonding link would tell him if Ianto was really dead. As he searched for some sign, he felt a small pulse sensation which he could link into, but before he could conjoin the link, two soldiers were throwing more cold water on him.

“There you go freak! Another shower to rid us of the stench you make!” one jeered.

The soldiers left. He could hear their laughter as they made their way along the corridor.

Moments later the door opened and the young girl came in with food and water.

“Hello Jack,” she said.


“Yes, it’s me. How are you feeling today?”

“Surprisingly good actually. I don’t know why.”

“Well Ianto does have magic fingers doesn’t he?”

“That wasn’t a dream? It was real?”

“No Jack, it wasn’t a dream. You really saw Ianto.”

“And Owen was really dressed like that?”

“Yep ‘fraid so!” she giggled.

“Are they safe? Ianto and the kids?”

“Well, until the next time.”

“When is that?”

“Soon. But don’t worry my friends and I will help you.”

“Dottie, do you know a girl called Alice?”

“I can’t tell you Jack; you know spoilers and all that. But one day all will become clear. Trust me Jack.”

“I do, Dottie, I do. You know I think I felt Ianto’s heart beat through our bonding link.”

Dottie nodded and smiled at him.

“Sleep Jack. Rest as much as you can for the time being. A friend will be along soon to show you how to get through the next stage. Just stay strong. You can beat this. You can beat him! Just follow that heartbeat.”


As Jack awoke from his long sleep, he felt quite refreshed and rested.

He lifted his head to look around. There seemed to be a lot of light; his eyes taking time to adjust.

His vision came back to him and with the sight before him; he was actually wishing it hadn’t!

For there stood a man dressed in a bright yellow bustled and heavily padded dress with huge bright blue, green and red spots on it. What was it with these dresses and spots? He wore a matching bonnet that had a huge yellow bow tied under his chin. His eyes were adorned with bright green eye shadow and his lips had the brightest of red lipsticks. There was even a big beauty spot on his cheek. He looked down at legs that were covered in blue and red striped thick stockings and size 11 at least shoes that were bright green with bows and high heels.

“!” Jack laughed.

“Shut it!” the familiar voice said.

“Wow! Can honestly say I never thought I would see the day when you would...” Jack started.

“Seriously? Here I am, dressed like a ... like a... God knows what... and you insult me?” the Welsh voice continued.

Jack stared at the vision; he knew that voice from somewhere.

“Oh my God! Rhys?”


The Newby, The Next Generation...A Christmas Tale - Retold

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 3709
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Part Two:

Jack could see the ground coming towards him and braced himself for a bumpy landing. Grief he hated time travel, or whatever this was! However, this time he was quite pleasantly surprised as he landed partly on something very soft.

“Bleedin’ Hell Harkness! Don’t you ever stop? Do ya think you could get yer face out me tits for once?” Owen said grumpily. “I mean really, now I have got to put them in the right place again!”

Jack felt the laugh start right from the pit of his stomach and loudly guffawed.

“Well that’s a first! I never thought I would hear the day when Dr Owen Harper had to rearrange his own boobs rather than some poor girl he conned into sleeping with him. And by the way Owen, shouldn’t you call them Moobs?”

“Fuck off Harkness!”

“So... full of that Christmas Spirit still then?”

“Bleedin’ Hell I hate Christmas!” Owen continued to grumble.

“Are you sure you are a Pantomime Dame and not Ebenezer Scrooge?”

“Whatever!” Owen made the W sign with his fingers like some demented teenager. He was not happy!

Jack picked himself up, brushed his clothes down, which he was amazed to see were his usual RAF coat, standard dark blue trousers with red braces, light blue shirt and Caterpillar boots. Gone were the rags he had previously been wearing. He also felt freshly washed and clean. Pantomime dreams were turning out to be quite a good thing. He hoped it would get even better.

“So Owen, as much as I like chewing the fat with you, why are we here?”

“How the bleedin’ Hell would I know? You think this get-up makes me psychic all of a sudden?” Owen growled.

“Psychic? No! Rather tempting, mmm, yes definitely!” Jack teased. Something was changing in him; he was starting to feel better, ready to face the world and even Owen!

“You can put all those thoughts away Harkness!” Owen shrieked. “Jesus, I even sound like a girl!”

“Well you know what they say... if the blouse fits!” Jack laughed.

“Oh fuck off!” Owen sulked. He hated being dressed as a girl, not even a girl, but some fat old dame! What could be worse? “Well come on, let’s give this place a reccy, we must be here for some reason,” Owen said trying to sound logical.

“After you... Mam!” Jack joked.

Owen raised his finger giving Jack a warning not to continue with that phrase. Jack chuckled to himself. He certainly was feeling a bit better.

As they wandered around, they realised they were in Cardiff, probably in the 21st century. When they got to the Plas, Owen sat them down on the steps to watch the people go by. Well that was his excuse. The reality was that his feet were killing him. He would never understand how women could wear these shoes!

“Well,” Jack started. “This is definitely Cardiff but I wonder why we are here.”

“No idea yet,” Owen answered.

“Excuse me,” Jack said to a man passing by them on the steps. “Can you tell me what year this is please Sir?”

The man carried on walking.

“Well that’s one thing we have learned,” Owen said. “They can’t see us.”

“Or they are just being rude!” Jack said testily.

“No mate. I mean I am sitting here in this bleedin’ dress and get-up and not one person has made a comment. How many Pantomime Dames do you see on the Plas every day?”

“Well, that depends if there is a tourist trip in from the Planet Reverie 5! I remember this one time...” Jack started to explain.

“OK! Stop there! I am not going to stand here gagging listening to your perverse sex life Harkness! Save that for the Tea Boy!” Owen chided. “Speaking of which, isn’t that him over there?”

They looked across the Plas to the Water Tower to see Ianto coming up from the Tourist Office. Behind him were what looked like two grumpy teenagers.

“The answer is still no Sen!” Ianto said to his daughter.

“But Tad, that’s not fair! All the other girls are going with their boyfriends!”

“Serena Harkness-Jones you are 16 years old and you are not going to have a boyfriend until you are at least 30!”

“What? Who says so?”

“Your Dad says so, and so do I!”

Serena abruptly stopped in her tracks, closely looking at her Tad’s body language. She suddenly squealed and jumped up and down, rushing to fling herself in her Tad’s arms.

“What’s that for?” Ianto asked.

“Thanks Tad. I promise I will be careful,” she said kissing her Tad on his cheek.

“I know you will, because the consequences of your Dad having to shoot your young man and then retcon his family back to nappies does not appeal to me!” Ianto laughed. “And you Franklyn, which poor girl are you intending on jumping on?”

Franklyn scowled at his father.

“Not funny! I was going to ask Jessica to come with me, or maybe even Carys Thomas. You know her Dads run the bakery in Barry.”

“Both good choices sport. I will leave it up to you and just say, your Dad and I expect you to be the perfect gentleman.”

“I know Tad, I know. I am only 16 and way too young to do anything other than maybe a little kiss!” Franklyn blushed as he revealed his intentions.

“A kiss is good; just keep it short and sweet!” Ianto replied. “And only if she wants to, do you hear me?”

“Yes Tad, I am not a perve!” Franklyn protested.

Whilst Owen and Jack were watching this exchange between Ianto and his children, they had not noticed a little girl come and stand in front of them.

“Why are you crying?” she asked Jack. “Are you sad?”

Jack hadn’t realised he had been crying and wiped the tears from his face.

“Yes,” he replied. “That is my husband and I love him and miss him very much.”

“So why don’t you go over there and tell him that?” she asked.

“Because he won’t see... wait a minute! You can see us?” Jack suddenly asked the child.

“Of course I can see you, don’t be silly!” she chided.

“Can you see me?” Owen asked.

“Of course I can. You’re funny! You look funny in that dress!” she giggled.

“Well doesn’t that take the fu...” Owen started before Jack coughed at him.

“OWEN! Kids present!” Jack growled.

“What? Oh yeah, yeah alright Jack. Sorry. So little girl you can see me? Isn’t that fandabbidoozie? So what is your name then?” he asked her.

“Alice. My name is Alice, Alice Morgan,” she replied.

Jack heart clenched as he remembered his own daughter Alice who long ago denied his existence. How he missed her and his grandson Stephen.

“You are looking sad again,” she said to him placing her hand on his.

“Sorry, it’s just I have, had a daughter called Alice,” he replied.

“Where is she?” Alice asked.

“I don’t know,” Jack honestly replied.

“Alice who are you talking to?” a woman called to the little girl.

“My friends,” Alice called back as the woman went back to talking on her mobile.

“Alice, tell me, what year is this?”

“2028 silly!” she laughed. “Didn’t you know that?”

Jack shook his head.

“And what month are we in?”

“November!” Alice said rather exasperated at all these silly questions.

“So that means this is before the Master comes and takes you,” Owen said.

“Yes could be,” Jack replied.

“How are we going to warn Ianto?” Owen asked. “I mean, just because Alice can see us, it doesn’t mean he will be able to.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Jack conceded.

“Alice, you see that man over there,” Owen pointed to where Ianto was standing as he watched his children walked away across the Plas.

“You mean Jack’s husband?”

“Yes him. Hey how did you know his name was Jack?” Owen asked pointing at Jack.

“Because it is his name, you said so and your name is Owen, which is a boy’s name and you are dressed as a girl!”

“Well ain’t you the smart one?” Owen sneered, shaking his head in wonder at how bright this little thing was. She could not be more than about 5 and here she was about to save the world.

“So Alice Morgan, do you think you could go over to Jack’s husband and get him to come over here?” Owen asked.

“His name is Ianto, Ianto Harkness-Jones,” Jack added.

“OK, I can do that,” she said turning to look at her mother who was still talking on the phone. “She is not going to stop talking anytime soon, so I have got time.”

“Thank you Alice. You are a wonderful girl,” Jack smiled. “Now listen, this is important, you have to give Ianto a special message otherwise he might not believe you. Is that OK?”

“Yes,” Alice nodded.

Jack explained what he wanted Alice to say to Ianto and then they both watched her as she marched over to where Ianto was standing. Ianto didn’t see her at first because she was so small against his tall frame and his mind was on watching his twin children leave his view.

“Ianto,” Alice said as she tugged his sleeve. “Ianto Harkness-Jones, I have a message for you!” Alice continued to tug hard until she had his full attention.

“You have a message for me?” Ianto asked as he knelt down to be the same height as Alice, giving her eye contact.

Alice nodded. “Yes it is from those two over there,” she said pointing towards where Jack and Owen were sitting.

Ianto looked across the Plas but couldn’t see anyone.

“So who are these people that have given you a message for me?”

“It is from Jack and Owen,” she replied.

Ianto’s heart jumped as his stomach turned over. This did not bode well if a 5 year old was giving him a message instead of his husband and dead friend.

“OK, so what is the message?”

“Jack says that the Master is coming to change the world and that you must protect your children.”

“Anything else?” Ianto asked her.

“He said codeword Martha.”

Ianto grabbed the little girl and hugged her, whispering “Thank you!” into her hair. As he let her go he asked...

“What do Jack and Owen look like?”

“Well, Jack is wearing a long grey coat. He looks like a soldier,” she replied.

“And Owen?” Ianto asked.

“Owen is funny!” she said.

“Funny? How so?” Ianto was curious.

Alice went on to describe in detail what Owen was wearing, right down to his bright red shoes and matching lipstick. By the end of the description Ianto was howling with laughter having fallen onto the floor, wiping tears from his eyes.

“She fucking told him about the dress! Unbelievable!” Owen growled.

“Well you didn’t tell her not to,” Jack retorted.

“Fair point,” Owen agreed settling back to watch more of Ianto’s reaction.

“So, Alice, were there any other messages?” Ianto asked.

“Well Jack said it was all timey wimey and Owen said shift yer arse!” Alice replied rather matter-of-factly!

“Did he now?” Ianto laughed.

“Yep!” Alice nodded.

“Well then, why don’t you take me over to them then?”

Alice grabbed Ianto’s hand and walked him over to where Owen and Jack were sitting.

When they arrived at the steps, Alice said, “Here they are! Can you see them?”

Ianto shook his head. “But hang on a minute,” he said as he brought out a perception filter from his pocket and hung it around his neck. Immediately Jack and Owen came into view. As soon as he saw Owen he rammed his fist into his mouth trying to stop himself from howling again; the vision before him looked even better than Alice’s description.

Owen lifted his finger and pointed at Ianto. “Stop it! Just stop it! Before I say something that will enhance Alice’s vocabulary!” he said vehemently wagging his finger.

Ianto managed to calm himself and directed his view to his husband who was standing in front of him, tears freely falling.


“Oh Ianto,” Jack said as he threw himself around Ianto’s shoulders, burying his face in his neck; Ianto’s unique smell immediately consoling him. “I can touch you, feel you!”

“Indeed, you can Sir and I can certainly feel you!” Ianto smirked as he rubbed his hips against Jack’s obvious erection. “And here you are from what I am guessing is another timeline and I can still turn my husband on?”

“Always, Ianto, always,” Jack smiled as he rubbed himself against his husband. “Whatever timeline I am in Ianto, I will always want you, love you. That will never change. Please always remember that Ianto, whatever happens.”

“Of course I know that Jack. I love you too, so very much and you know we will be together for eternity, so please, Jack, please tell me what has happened. Why are you here? Is it bad? Is it the children?”

Jack started to weep. Once he started he couldn’t stop; the pressures of what had happened to him suddenly overwhelming him. He sobbed into Ianto’s neck.

Alice rubbed Jack’s back trying to soothe him.

“There, there,” she said. “Don’t be sad Jack. Please don’t be sad. You have found your husband, you can be happy now.”

“Yes he is my husband, but I am not his!” Jack wailed.

Ianto carefully captured Jack’s face in his hands making sure he had complete eye contact with him.

“Jack, listen to me. Whatever timeline you are from, or I am from, we are linked to be together forever. That will never change. Your are mine Jack just as I am yours. You need to remember that. OK?”

Jack nodded, wanting to believe his husband.

Ianto took a clean handkerchief out of his pocket and carefully wiped Jack’s face. Once he had finished, he put it back in his pocket and took face in his hands, gently placing a kiss of Jack’s lips. Jack melted into the kiss, but he wanted more. He needed more. He thrust his tongue into Ianto’s mouth and hungrily kissed his husband, mapping out every contour. They kissed for several minutes only breaking when they both needed air.

“Wow,” Ianto breathed heavily. “I am guessing it has been quite a while since we did that?”

Jack buried his face back in Ianto’s neck as Ianto held him tightly.

“Yes,” Jack whispered. “I didn’t think I would ever do that again.”

“Is it that bad... where you are from at the moment?” Ianto asked, not wanting to break timelines but very worried about the mental state of his husband.

“Worse than you could ever imagine, Jack replied.

“Well I am here now, so let me help you,” Ianto said sincerely.

“But when you find out you might not want me anymore. You might not love me anymore,” Jack said sounding completely heartbroken.

Ianto hugged him even harder.

“Jack I can assure you there will never be any reason why I would never love you or want you. You are mine forever and I am yours for as long as you want me.”

“Forever,” Jack whispered against Ianto’s lips before frantically kissing him again.

“Oi Harkness, put the Tea Boy down!”

“Yes, for once, Owen is right. Let’s get you both into the Hub. Nobody is there. The team is out on a call and won’t be back for hours and the kids will be going straight to the house.”

“OK, good idea,” Jack agreed.

Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a woman screaming at Ianto.

“What are you doing with my daughter you pervert?” Alice’s mother screeched.

“I am not doing anything Madam, and certainly not what you are implying with your tone. I was however concerned that Alice has been here with me for over half an hour whilst you have had your back turned preferring to speak on the telephone rather than have any interest as to where you daughter might be. So rather than come up with the false innuendo, may I suggest you take a good look at your own lack of parenting skills. Alice is obviously a wonderful little girl who most certainly deserves better from you!” Ianto was on a roll. How dare this woman imply any impropriety on his part?

“I-I was talking! It was important!” the woman continued to screech.

“Really? More important that Alice? It is actually your lucky day that Alice came to me for help because if she had picked any other stranger, your child would be missing and you would be heading down the Police Station charged with neglect!” Ianto knew he was being harsh, but circumstances warranted it. He had a very strong bond with this child for some reason and he felt it was his duty to ensure her safety.

“Who do you think you are talking me like that?” she screamed.

“Torchwood!” Ianto said proudly.

The woman grabbed Alice’s arm tightly and started to drag her away from Ianto. Alice did not like this one bit and started to struggle to break free and rushed back to Ianto, who had his arms open ready to catch her.

Alice clung onto Ianto as if her life depended on it.

“What’s wrong Alice?” Ianto asked.

“I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye properly to you all,” she said as she hugged Ianto before giving him a little kiss on his cheek.

“Alice, listen to me,” Ianto began. “I want you to take this card. It has my name and all my contact numbers and addresses. I want you to remember that at any time of day or night in the future, no matter how far in the future this is... I want you to call me immediately you need help. Understand?”

“Yes Ianto. Does this mean you will be my Fairy Godfather?” Alice innocently asked.

“Oh my dear girl, in so many ways! In so many ways!” Owen chuckled. Ianto glared at Owen before looking back at Alice.

“If that is how you would like to think of me, then so be it. Just remember I will always be there for you and so will Jack, if he can.”

“Thank you Ianto,” Alice said before turning to Owen who had managed to crouch down to her height; albeit with some difficulty.

“Now Owen, I want you to promise that you will stop being Mr. Grouch all the time. I know you can be nice and kind if you wanted to. Promise?”

“I will promise I will try,” Owen said as he gave Alice a big hug.

“That is a good boy Owen,” she said then added as an afterthought, “Owen also stop wearing your Mummy’s dresses. You are a boy for heaven’s sake, not a girl!”

Owen laughed loudly. “Now that Princess, I can promise you! But I am a Pantomime Dame, that is what we wear at the Christmas Panto! Haven’t you ever been to see a Panto?”

Alice shook her head. “No, Mummy is always too busy for things like that.”

“Well you tell your Mummy that you are a child and therefore entitled to go to child things at Christmas, like Pantos! There is a good one on in Cardiff at the New Theatre. It is called Robin Hood and the main character is really good and lots of fun. His name is John. Make sure you shout that out when you see him! And don’t forget to tell him that the baddy is right behind him!” Owen chuckled, thinking how mad his friend John was going to be!

“Her Mum isn’t going to be too pleased being forced to go to Panto. She doesn’t seem the sort,” Ianto said.

“Oh she can bite me!” Owen scoffed.

Alice turned to Jack, who had also knelt down.

“Jack, please promise me you will stop being so sad. You have your husband now and he loves you very much and you love him,” she said.

“I will try Alice, I will promise I will try and yes I do love Ianto very much,” Jack assured her.

“Good, I want you to be happy!” Alice added.

“Yeah and wear a nappy!” Owen sang.

Alice pointed her finger at Owen and starting shaking it at him. “Owen, don’t be naughty!”

“Alright Alice. Now I think you had better run along to your Mum before she gets cross again. But remember if you need us we will always be here for you.”

“I know Owen, I know. You will see me again and I will help you again. Me and my friends will help you again.”

And with that Alice ran back to her Mother who picked her up and carried her away.

Jack was immediately taken back to the little girl who had brought him food and water. She was a lot older than Alice.

“What’s the matter Cariad?” Ianto asked him.

“I don’t know. I think I am having one of those déjà-vu moments again! There was a little girl on the New Valliant who said the same thing to me that she and her friends would help me. But it couldn’t be Alice could it? That would be crazy.”

“Well this is Torchwood, so anything is possible especially the things that really are crazy!” Owen said.

“Very true Owen,” Ianto replied. “Now let’s get back to the Hub and you can tell me all about what has been happening and how I can help you. I expect you are working on a timescale but hopefully Jack and I will have a little bit of alone time so that I can show him just how much he still means to me?”

“Oh God!” Owen sniped. “This is going to be a bleedin’ long night!”

“So eloquently put Owen,” Ianto grinned. “A long night eh? Sounds good to me!”

“And of course it won’t be me getting laid!” Owen grumbled.

“So no change there then!” Ianto quipped.

“Fuck off Tea Boy!”

“Owen, I have one word for you! DECAF!”

“And Merry bleedin’ Christmas to you!”


The Newby - The Next Generation ... A Christmas Tale - Retold...

Title: The Newby - The Next Generation
A Christmas Tale - Retold
Word Count: 3709
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
OC's: Owen, Rhys, Andy, Rose, The Doctor
Rating: R for violence, character death, torture and sexual content

No copyright infringement intended.

Part One:

The chains cut into his wrists; the blood trickling down his already
bloodied arms. His head fell against his chest as the life seeped slowly
out of him. It had been a painful death; his innards trailing all over
the floor. The Master stood, hands on hips, eyes wild.

“Look at the freak! Look at the freak!” he shouted as he stamped on the entrails
causing a few of the young soldiers to run for a dark corner to vomit.

“Ha! Look at you all!” The Master continued screaming. “What is the matter with you
all? Haven’t got the stomach for it? Well guess what, nor has the freak!” The Master
was now hysterical, kneeling down to rip everything apart with his hands.

“Sir,” a young soldier approached. The Master looked up, blood all over his face.

“What? WHAT?”

“The children have arrived.”

The Master immediately jumped up. “What are you waiting for? Bring them here!

The soldier ran out of the door. After a few minutes, four young children were hustled into the room, standing huddled together.

“Aaah, isn’t that a sight? What a picture your poor little orphans! Look at your daddy! He’s a bit… he’s a bit all over the place isn’t he?” The Master laughed hysterically pushing the children towards where their father was hanging in chains.

The taller child placed her arms around her siblings’ shoulders, bringing them all
tightly together. She gently whispered in their ears.

“Ssshh, it’s alright, you know he will come back, but maybe they don’t! Remember
what Tad would do, no expressions, right?”

The rest of the children quickly nodded and stood quietly.

The Master looked at them.

“What? No tears? What’s wrong with you? Are you freaks too? Like your Daddy?
He’s a freak! He’s a freak!”

The girl clenched her fists, hiding them under her brother’s arms. One day, she
promised herself, this coward will pay for this.

The Master pushed the children to kneel in front of their dead father.

“There you are, all together; one happy family. Well except for your
other father. Now children, are you going to tell me where he is?” he
glared at them.

The children remained silent, looking lovingly at their father. The Master drew up his hand and struck the side of the face of the girl.

“I am talking to you! You tell me know where your father is, or else you will all be
very sorry.”

“Not a chance!” the girl replied.

The Master hit her again. “I said TELL ME!”

“Really? Is that the best you can do? All you can do is hit children? Bet your Mother
is proud of you!” the girl said, staring straight at him, not breaking eye contact.

“Don’t mention my Mother! My Mother loved me! She did! She loved me!”

“Keep telling yourself that! Because nobody else will believe it!” A voice suddenly
gasped behind them.

“Daddy!” the children shrieked and ran over to their father, covering him with hugs
and kisses.

“Hey kids! Looks like we are in a bit of pickle. Not to worry, Tad will save us!”

“Yes he will!” his son gleefully said.

“He sure will sport!” his father replied. “Tad will be doing his hero bit I am sure!”

“Oh Jack, Jack, Jack. Are you really that stupid? Why do you lie to your children?
You honestly think that your idiot partner is going to outsmart me?”

“Oh yes! No doubt in my mind at all that my beautiful husband is planning something
right now and then... well, let’s hope you have your running shoes with you!”

Iefan stood up and placing his hands on his hips, he was ready to confront this
madman. He may only be 14, but he was old enough to take on anyone to protect his
sisters. He had seen enough in Torchwood not to be afraid of anything or anyone and
this monster was not going to be any different!

“Yeah, my Tad is a hero just like my Dad. You can torture us all you
like but you will never take that away from them! They will always be
heroes not like the coward you are!”

“Oh feisty talk for a young one!” the Master sneered. “You think I will
torture you? I wouldn’t waste my time!”

The Master plunged a sword straight through Iefan’s heart, killing the child instantly.

The other children screamed, running to their brother. Serena pulled her brother into
her lap, hugging him tightly, smothering him with kisses.

Jack was pulling at his chains, screaming, sobbing, tears freely falling at the sight of his lifeless son. He felt so helpless. He tried to search his mind, seeking out any lifeline to the bonding he and Ianto felt between them. There was nothing, not one vestige of life. This had never happened before; he could always feel Ianto, feel his love, his worries... his anger when he had done something wrong... again! But his mindwas empty; all he felt was anger, grief, frustration and an overwhelming sadness as helooked at his beautiful son lying in his daughter’s arms.

“Oh Sen,” Jack sobbed. “Our beautiful boy is dead?”

Sen nodded, tears streaming.

“Hold him tightly Sen, let him know we are still here.”

Sen nodded again, as her twin brother Franklyn closed his arms around her and their
sister Meaghan.

“How touching!” The Master sneered again. “This is so boring!” he shouted as he
stormed out of the room.

The soldiers left the room, leaving a fragmented family to try and make sense of their loss.

“Dad, what are we going to do?” Sen asked her father.

“I don’t know petal. It is up to your Tad now,” Jack sadly replied.

“Come on Dad, don’t give up now!” Franklyn said. “Tad wouldn’t want us to give up and
nor would Iefan. You didn’t teach us all to give in.”

“I know sport, but I can’t help you. I mean, look at me,” Jack said as he pulled his

“Well now that we are alone, we can fix that!” Franklyn said, pulling out his sonic screwdriver his Godfather had given him.

Franklyn moved over to his father and aiming at the chains, he managed to undo each of them and the shackles that were holding his father. Jack had been tied up so long that his muscles gave way and he fell to the ground.

“Give me a minute sport,” Jack pleaded, rubbing his arms and legs back into life. “Put Iefan somewhere safe, out of sight. We will come back for him.”

The children set to work picking up Iefan and placing him in a dark corner under
some tarpaulin. He would be safe there until they could come back and get him to take
him home. They had all learned from an early age that in times of adverse stress like
this, you could not let your emotions interfere with saving the world. There would be
time for that later.

Meaghan looked under another tarpaulin that was in another corner.

“LOOK! Daddy, look at what I have found!” Meaghan squealed.

Jack managed to get up and went over to where Meaghan was now sitting. She had
found the stash of guns that Francine and some of the other servants had been stealing over the past few months. Unfortunately Francine had died before they had had a chance to use them.

“Well done sweetie!” Jack said as he kissed his 13-year-old daughter’s forehead. He
surveyed his beautiful child’s innocent face with her dark hair, blue eyes and button
nose. She was more like Ianto every day and he smiled as he watched her carefully
fold up the tarpaulin so as not to make a mess. She was her father’s daughter alright!

Jack walked over to where Iefan was lying. He gently held him in his arms; his body
was still warm, even though his clothes were now soaked in blood. Like Meaghan,
Iefan was the image of Ianto and watching the child lie in his arms, Jack’s heart was
shattering into millions of pieces. He kissed Iefan’s head.

“Listen, sport, I promise we will come back for you. We will take you home. You will
not be alone. You will never be alone. I love you so much sport, I hope you know that.”

And with that Jack lay the child back down on the ground and covered him carefully.
“Right kids, load up, and let’s get going!”

Jack was thankful that Ianto had fully trained their children in the use of all
weapons, both terrestrial and alien. Ianto had also made sure the girls had proper
martial arts training. Jack remembered when he had raised the question of whether it
was too early for them to learn, Ianto had replied that it would never be too early as long as it stopped unwanted boyfriends getting to the front door. He would protect his girls to the end, just as Jack was going to do now.

He watched Franklyn loading as many weapons as he could carry. It was like looking at his own reflection when he was that age. The boy had the same piercing blue eyes, wicked smile and dimples that made all the girls sigh. Serena looked just like him. They were identical in every way; not only in looks but temperament too, although at the moment she was just that bit taller, which annoyed her brother no end.

“Ready?” Jack asked the children.

“Yep!” they all replied.

Jack indicated that the children should stand behind him, which they did in single
file. He carefully looked out of the small window in the door. There were four guards
standing around talking. This would be easy if they took them by surprise. Jack raised his hand, showing three fingers. He was silently telling them when they should move. Three fingers, two... one... Jack burst through the door and immediately took out the four soldiers. It was done so quickly that they didn’t even have time to reach for their guns. The children made the most of this by relieving the now dead guards of their weapons. Jack looked at them.

“As Tad says, in situations like this you can never have too many guns!” Serena said
very matter of factly.

“And Tad is always right!” Franklyn said.

“Yes, because he knows everything,” Meaghan added.

“He sure does, sweetheart; he sure does!” Jack said proudly of his husband, desperately wondering why their link was still broken.

They all made their way down the long corridor, Jack managing to take out each guard
that appeared. As their ammunition diminished, they swapped out their empty
cartridges for lasers. Corridor by corridor, they slowly progressed towards the main hub of the ship; the layout of the New Valliant not too different to the original ship where Jack had been held captive all those years ago. As they approached the final room, guards suddenly appeared behind them, Serena and Franklyn turning just in time to eliminate the enemy.

Jack slowly opened the door into what looked like a semi-darkened central
mainframe control room. He edged into the room as quietly as he could; his view was blocked on one side. Without a full view of the area was risky but he could hear more soldiers coming along the corridor and they had to get out of sight. He beckoned the children into the room. As the door closed behind them the whole
lighting system suddenly came on. On the other side of the room, about a dozen
soldiers flanked the Master.

“Oh Jack, did you really think you could get away from me?”

“It was worth a try!” Jack retorted.

The Master raised his laser gun and shot Meaghan straight between the eyes. She fell
dead to the floor in an instant.

Jack and the other children screamed in shock. He fell to the floor to snatch up his
lifeless daughter in his arms.

“No, no, no, NO!” Jack chanted as he rocked Meaghan’s body backwards and forwards.

“This is your fault Jack. Your children have died because of your arrogance, your
stupidity! Each one will die because of YOU!”

“NO! No more!” Jack begged. “They are just children! They don’t deserve this!”

“Yes they are children but the point is Jack Harkness, they are YOUR children and
that is why they must die. They are the children of a freak and all freaks must be
destroyed!” The Master laughed hysterically.


“Even the Doctor thinks you are wrong Jack!” the Master jeered. “He only uses you to
die! You are his own personal freak that dies to order!”

Jack nuzzled Meaghan’s hair, his tears falling freely down the strands. “Don’t worry
baby girl, just remember your Dad and Tad love you so much. You will always be our
special girl. We will come back for you and Iefan. Stay together, Tad will come and
get you!”

“You think that their Tad is coming for you? What sort of word is Tad anyway? Not even a proper word.”

“Ianto will always be their Tad,” Jack sobbed. “You can’t take that away from them!”

“Oh but I can Jack. I can easily take their Tad away. Look at the screen,” the Master
laughed excitedly, jumping up and down on the balls of his feet.

Suddenly the huge screen on the wall showed the battered and bruised body of Ianto in
a stark cell. There didn’t seem to be one part of his body that hadn’t been touched.

“What have you done to him?” Jack wept. “What have you done to my beautiful

“Question should be what haven’t I done to him? He has such a willing body hasn’t
he?” the Master sneered.

Jack lunged towards the Master, ready to kill him for what he was suggesting he had
done to Ianto. Before he was able to reach him, several of the soldiers had grabbed
him and forced him to the ground.

“You shouldn’t have done that Jack,” the Master mocked as he pointed to the screen.
Ianto’s screams pierced the room as Jack looked up to see his love, his life, torn to
shreds in front of him.

“NO! Not him! Take me, not him!” Jack screamed.

“Too late, Captain! You are too late!” the Master shrilled with excitement. “You are too late! Look at the screen Captain, watch him die!”

Jack watched the screen as the Toclafane tore Ianto to bits. There was nothing he
could do to save him.

“See Captain, you are useless! You are worthless! Everything you love you destroy! It is all your fault! EVERYTHING!” The Master was on a roll...

“Your husband is dead. Your children are dead!” the Master screamed. “Look Captain,
your children are dead!”

He looked up just in time to see the Master aim his gun and shoot Serena and
Franklyn; their bodies hitting the floor in a split second. The blackness overwhelmed
him as he collapsed in shock.

“Take the freak away. Chain him up. Do it properly this time!” the Master
shouted at the soldiers, who dragged Jack away to his new prison.


As Jack began to wake up, his throat burned. He could hardly breathe, his mouth was so dry. He realised that he was freezing; his toes were blue and as he carefully moved his neck to look at the rest of his body, he saw that his fingers were frozen too. He looked around the room. It was a different place to where he had been held before, although the chains and shackles were the same.

The door opened. Two soldiers walked in, one holding a bucket of water which he
threw all over Jack.

“There you are freak, you can shower and drink at the same time!” one soldier sneered
before leaving the room.

This had become a daily ritual. The soldiers came in once a day to throw water at him
as if he were a circus freak show and then they would leave and let him starve to death.

Jack wasn’t sure how long it had been going on for. In reality, he didn’t care and
starving to death was a slow and painful process he was starting to enjoy because it
brought home the pain he was still in as he grieved for the loss of his wonderful family that he missed so much. He had decided long ago, that if he didn’t have them, he didn’t want to live. He may be immortal, but dying a painful death was his reward for failing his family.

Moments after they left, the door opened again and a young girl walked in carrying a
plate with food and a jug of water. She walked over to where Jack was hanging and
put the items down on the ground. She pulled some wipes out of her pocket and slowly
began to clean Jack’s face, wiping away all the dried blood and mucus.

“Thank you,” Jack said softly. He was broken; he didn’t deserve such kindness.

“You are welcome Jack. My name is Dottie,” she replied.

Under different circumstances Jack would have retorted with a clever remark or
innuendo, but he felt numb and void of any emotion or humour.

“Thank you Dottie. Don’t! I don’t deserve it!” Jack whispered.

“Yes you do Jack. You have suffered enough. I am here to help you. Here drink this
water slowly,” Dottie said as she raised the jug to his lips.

Jack started to cough as the initial drops of water hit the back of his throat.

“Gently, gently, Jack; sip it gently,” Dottie said quietly.

“I don’t deserve it. I should die. I deserve to die like my family. My beautiful family is gone,” Jack cried.

“Yes Jack, you do deserve this. You deserve so much more. Remember I am here to help you and so are my friends,” Dottie said as she coaxed Jack to eat the small sandwiches she had brought.

“You need your strength Jack. For the children, they need you. Ianto needs you.”

“They are dead. They are all dead. I failed them!” Jack wept.

“You didn’t fail anyone Jack. Here drink some more and then rest. Sleep if you can.
It will make you stronger.”

Jack started to feel dizzy and very tired.

“You drugged me?” he asked his new friend.

“Only a little sedative, nothing major. It will help you relax. You need to sleep. Just relax Jack. Wait for my friends. They will come to you. Everything will be alrightJack, I promise you.”

“Everything will be alright,” Jack mumbled as he fell into a deep sleep.


“Jack! Jack! Come on mate, wake up!”

Jack gradually woke up feeling someone gently slapping his face.

“Come on mate, I haven’t got all fucking night!” the familiar voice said to him.

As Jack opened his eyes, the voice might have been familiar but the sight in front of
him certainly was not.

“What the fuck?” Jack exclaimed.

Jack blinked several times, willing the view in front of him to change. As he opened
his eyes again he took in the being standing there, dressed in a bright blue dress that had large red spots all over it. There was a large bonnet on the person’s head tied with a large bow. Bright red-heeled shoes adorned large feet with yellow and green striped thick stockings on each leg.

There was even a large bustle and the biggest pair of breasts he had seen in a long time! There was no way they were real! That had to be padding, hadn’t it? This was a sight for sore eyes; not in his wildest dreams or nightmares for that matter could he ever have imagined this. As he looked into the brown eyes, caked in bright blue eye shadow and framed with long eyelashes, he was mesmerised by the bright red lipstick that was framing the small mouth as it continued talking to him.

“Oi, Harkness, focus! Eyes up ‘ere! And stop looking at my tits! I haven’t got all
bleedin’ night!” the voice said.

“Owen?” Jack squeaked, before the darkness overtook him again.

When Jack awoke again, he found himself dripping in cold water again.

“About bleedin’ time Harkness!” the familiar voice said, as he stood arms folded and
red shoe tapping.

“What are you doing here Owen? And why are you dressed like... like that ? Is that
how you dress if you are dead?”

“Yeah funny haha! How do I know why I am dressed like this? I mean, look at me! I
am a bleedin’ Pantomime Dame! I thought that was more you than me! Hell it was
even more the Tea Boy than me!”

“Why are you here Owen? You should go. If they catch you, they will kill you.
Everyone who comes close to me dies. It is what I do. I bring death to everyone I love.”

“Well, did you forget I am already dead Harkness? And that was hardly your fault
was it? It was Torchwood! You know death by Torchwood! You can’t blame yourself
for that!”

“Yes I can and I do. It is my entire fault Owen. All of it. Ianto, all my children have died because of me. You, Tosh, Gwen... you all died because of me! I am poison! The Master is right, I am a freak!” Jack sobbed.

“Oh for Fuck’s sake Harkness! Get over yourself! What, are you going to take the
blame for every death that has happened in this world?”

“No, of course not. Just the people close to me!”

“Well that is crap and you know it. But you are not going to believe me are you? So we need to take a little journey so I can show you.”

“Show me what exactly?”

“That sometimes what you see in front of you isn’t the whole truth.”

“And we need to go on a journey for me to see that?”


“Well, unless you are blind as well as stupid, you might not have noticed I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon!” Jack chided shaking the chains on his wrists.

“Yeah right, Harkness! Did you not notice this is the Season of Good Will to all Men?”

“What? What does that mean?”

“It is Pantomime season and anything can happen. I mean look at me – did this not
give you a clue that anything at all can happen? And I do mean anything!” Owen said
as he aimed the sonic screwdriver at Jack’s shackles to release him.

“Is this what they call déjà-vu?” Jack asked.

“Call it what you bleedin’ like! Just click your fairy heels together so we can get

“I’m not the one wearing the fetching pair of red shoes!” Jack smiled. “So if anyone is going to be doing any fairy heel clicking, I think you will find it is you!”

“Oh fuck me, so it is! I hate bleedin’ Pantomimes and I hate bleedin’ Christmas more!” Owen growled.

“Is this what they call Christmas Spirit Owen?”

“Fuck you! Let’s get this over with so I can go and get laid!”

“Yep! It is Christmas Spirit all right and you seem to be full of it!” Jack managed to say just before being whisked away to another world.


Coming Soon ... The Newby, The Next Generation...

A Christmas Tale - Retold ...

Jack has been captured by The Master, taken to The New Valliant and systematically tortured. He sees all his children die one by one and his beloved Ianto is torn to shreds by the Toclafane. Jack is living in a nightmare of destruction and self loathing as he blames himself for everyone’s death. One night he is visited by a very strange creature - a Pantomime Dame - who shows him how to deal with his memories.

It is 200 years into the future and they have different children, a different family, one of whom is Daffyd.

Pinkpolyanthus 2011


Title:  Unforgettable
Word Count: 1269
Author:  pinkpolyanthus
Rating: 17 overall
Pairing:  Jack/Ianto
Spoilers/Disclaimers:  Torchwood belongs to the BBC and RTD
Jack and Ianto Harkness-Jones have arrived on the planet of Barcelona for their honeymoon.  On their first evening, they have enjoyed a wonderful meal and whilst Jack pops to the little boy's room, Ianto stands gazing at the magnificent views...

Ianto looked from the balcony of the restaurant; the moons glistened and danced on the sea as the waves bounced off the shore.  The warmth of the daytime suns were starting to wane, causing the slightest of chills to breeze of Ianto’s skin.  He shuddered; it was the cold air to start with followed by the excitement of standing on another planet.  Barcelona was truly remarkable in every way.   When Jack had promised him a honeymoon to remember, he never imagined something like this.  It was beyond his wildest dreams. Never could he have imagined one day to be standing on the balcony of the most luxurious and modern hotel he had ever seen in a land, no planet, so far away from his home, their home, in Cardiff.
As deep in thought as he was, Ianto could not mistake the sudden unique smell wafting towards him; a smell he would never tire of nor ever be ready to give up.  It was like a drug that had taken him over completely, allowing all his senses and reasoning to be pushed to the limits of no return.  He did not worry about this mad addiction; because there was nothing in this world he liked better than to be addicted to his husband.  Craving Jack Harkness-Jones was a necessity and something he would relish doing the rest of their days together.
Ianto held onto the railing as he felt warm arms embrace him, wrapping them around his middle.
“You are shivering, come inside and let me warm you up”, a voice whispered suggestively in his ear.
Ianto turned in the embrace to face his husband,
“I bet you say that to all the girls... and boys! So does that line ever work for you?” Ianto said dryly, the tiniest of smiles threatening to curve the sides of his mouth.
Jack cocked his head to one side to gaze deeply into his husband’s beautiful blue eyes; a pout forming nicely.
“Maybe,” he pouted and then added wiggling his eyebrows, “well, hopefully!”
Ianto ghosted a kiss on Jack’s lips.  “Hopeful is good,” he said, “hopeful is very good indeed!” Ianto smiled as he flicked his tongue over Jack’s bottom lip, before placing the tiniest of butterfly kisses along his jaw.
“Oh God Ianto, the things you do to me, I want you so badly,” Jack softly rasped out, his voice so thick with passion.
“I want you too, Cariad, but first I feel we need to savour one of those amazing, possibly orgasmic puddings that was on the sweet table.  If you are good we could possibly take a few to our room... to try out?” Ianto dropped his eyelids slightly to look at his husband through his long eyelashes.  He knew exactly what that would do to Jack and he was right as he heard his husband groan.
“As I said Ianto, the things you do to me!”  Jack pulled Ianto in for a long passionate kiss; he wanted to map out every contour of Ianto’s mouth and savour every taste.  The only reason they stopped was a rather important requirement for air, as they both broke apart panting heavily.
In the restaurant the hum of soft music was floating out towards them.  Jack suddenly stopped and turned towards the open doors to get a better sound.  He grabbed Ianto’s hand and hurried them both towards the dance floor.  Ianto knew better than to question his husband’s action; he had immediately recognised the song the orchestra were playing.  It was one of Jack’s favourites and truth be known one of his too.  He was just rather surprised that on a planet that was so many millions of light years away from Earth, a song made famous by Nat King Cole over 50 years before in Earth years, never mind the thousands in planet years... was being played for the guests to dance to.
As Jack held Ianto in his arms, he nuzzled his face into Ianto’s neck, humming softly to the music.  He could not remember a time when he was happier.  Well apart from their wedding and then there was their wedding night and then... OK, he had been as happy before but this night was sheer bliss and he was falling in love all over again.  He couldn’t help himself.  He loved the man in his arms so much that his heart ached; but it was an ache of sheer joy and magic and was not a feeling he ever wanted to end.  He gently kissed the side of Ianto’s neck, raising his head to look into bright blue questioning eyes.
“I can hear you thinking from here Cariad!” Ianto chided gently.  “Just give yourself to the music and dance with me.”
As they held each other tightly, Ianto gently caressed Jack’s cheek and started to sing.

That's what you are,
Tho' near or far
Jack softly kissed Ianto’s lips and continued singing:

Like a song of love that clings to me,
How the thought of you does things to me.
Never before
Has someone been more...

In every way,
And forever more
That's how you'll stay.

Ianto kissed his husband, ghosting their lips together; then singing together...

That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am
Unforgettable, too.

As the orchestra played the instrumental part, the Orchestra Leader came over to the two men...
“Would you both do us the honour of singing to the guests?  We have never been able to find anyone who actually knew all the words and it would be so special for us if you would agree.”
The two men looked at each other and in a split second, headed towards the podium where the orchestra were playing.  They were both given small microphones to hold.  As the introduction to the song started again, Jack took Ianto’s hand in his and kissed the inside of his wrist sending a shiver of wonder down Ianto’s spine.
As they held hands, they both looked into each other’s eyes and started singing...

In every way,
And forever more
That's how you'll stay.

That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am
Unforgettable, too.


They ended up giving one more rendition of the song, before Jack grabbed Ianto, taking him back to their table.  They picked out a selection of sumptuous pastries and various puddings, plus a few bottles of champagne [Barcelona style] and requested that they all be taken to their room.
The next few hours were spent undressing each other before tasting their selection from various parts of their anatomy; finally making slow and passionate love until they were both completely exhausted.
As the suns started to rise in the sky announcing another beautiful day, Ianto leant over to open their curtains with the remote control.  He then settled back in his husband’s arms, turning to face him.
“Thank you Jack, this has been amazing, truly unforgettable!” he said.
“That is what I wanted for you; something that we will be talking about with our grandkids, maybe even our great-great-great grandkids! Who knows?”
“I’d like that Cariad,” Ianto said, gently placing kisses on his husband’s jaw.  “I suppose now would be a good time to start practicing getting you pregnant then?” he suggestively added.
“Oh yesss... Ianto, let’s make tonight truly unforgettable!  Let’s make a baby!”
As Ianto reached for the lube he had left under the pillow, he whispered to his husband:

That's what you are,

In every way
And forever more
That's how you'll stay...


So... this is me...?



You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.